Jennifer Lawrence Drinks Rum with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

Jennifer Lawrence Drinks Rum with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show
Jennifer Lawrence, star of the film Red Sparrow, share conversation and a drink on The Late Show.

The edge was taken off – and so were the shoes – when Jennifer Lawrence and Stephen Colbert shared more than one drink on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night.

Stephen cracked a bottle of rum to make the down-to-earth Silver Lining’s Playbook star Jennifer Lawrence a bit more comfortable. Well, “a bit” may be underselling it – let’s just say she didn’t end the interview sober (and not in a Joaquin Phoenix way – Lawrence at least started the interview sober).

If you’re a regular watcher of The Late Show, you know a good interview when you see it. The Hunger Games actor put on a great one – mostly because of how much fun it looked like her and Stephen were having while sharing that bottle of Cuban rum.

But, important things first: Stephen Colbert and his job. Jennifer Lawrence recently spent a week hosting one of Stephen’s competitor’s shows (his name is Jimmy Kimmel). Her biggest trial being the talk show host? Figuring out how to make Kim Kardashian interesting enough to last five minutes.

Socks are always the answer, and the question. And that was from the brief moment before Stephen cracked open his secret, never-before-seen liquor cabinet (seriously, he usually just pulls it out from under his desk, but he has a legit liquor collection beneath the backdrop there).

Once she got rolling, Lawrence wouldn’t stop. Stephen brought up Harvey Weinstein – that monster that’s recently used Jennifer Lawrence’s name to defend his character. To say that she’s not too happy about it would do her demeanour disservice – she’s outraged that the, in her words, “ass boil” Harvey Weinstein would use her to try to salvage his own train-wreck of a career.

But it’s not all downers, between the insinuation of failing at hosting a talk show and having to deal with Harvey Weinstein and his horribleness. Jennifer Lawrence attended the recent wedding of Amy Schumer. She let loose that night, as she tells it, from giving too much information on how much she loves her dog, to too much information on how much she loves Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David.

This America’s sweetheart is a relatable one – from letting loose with the many drinks of rum, to just taking her shoes off and putting her feet up, Jennifer Lawrence is a down-to-earth actor.  The kind of actor that you just don’t get enough of.

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