With New Trump Presidency, Late Night Comedy Reigns

With New Trump Presidency, Late Night Comedy Reigns
Now begins a new era of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The long, long road in determining the next President of the United States is finally over.

So far, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has only existed along side the dirty and disastrous campaign trail. In September 2015, the first few weeks of episodes of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show bragged several people who were in the running to be their party’s nominee: Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. This isn’t surprising, considering Colbert’s resume. Of course his Late Show is going to be politically engaged.

But now, after eight years of a level-headed and charming president with no scandals, and with the Trump presidency looming, Colbert has the opportunity and the duty to bring scathing political satire and commentary back to late night television – and if he’s known for anything, it’s scathing political satire and commentary. Obviously Colbert is not going to waste any time, and last night he did not disappoint.

It’s fairly clear who Colbert supported in this week’s election, but it’s downright obvious who he didn’t support. He’s got high hopes for the American people, though, and encourages those who are unhappy with the election results to exercise their rights.

Now, there may be some Americans out there who just want to get out of the country for a while… or permanently. Canada is always the threatened option when it comes to these kinds of elections – when Obama was running, when Obama was running again, even Trump supporters earlier this year threatened to move to Canada if Hillary Clinton took the White House. Well, it looks like more than a handful of anti-Trump Americans have given it serious thought. To that, Colbert says, don’t be a quitter.

With the campaign finally over, we’re looking at a Late Show with Stephen Colbert in an element in which it hasn’t existed before. It’s a new beginning for the show, and it already looks like it’s off to a good start.

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