The Sanders Perspective

The Sanders Perspective

For the second time in its short history, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert welcomes Senator Bernie Sanders to sit across from Stephen. The last time Sanders appeared on the show, he was in the running to be the Democratic presidential nominee.  It’s been pretty obvious that Colbert has a soft spot for Bernie Sanders. The audience felt the same, as they erupted into applause before Colbert could even get his name out – then began to chant “Bernie.”

When Senator Sanders takes his seat (and the crowd finally stops chanting his name), Colbert gets right down to what everyone wants: What does Bernie Sanders think about last week’s election, and the future President Trump?

Sanders is a go-getter, and he appreciates those who share those values – the protesting that has occurred over the last week gets the Sanders seal of approval. From there, Bernie Sanders jumps at the opportunity to defend some of the demographic who voted for Donald Trump – they don’t all agree with his offensive rhetoric. And Sanders takes it as a call to action for everyone who opposes Trump’s bigoted policies.

Stephen asked Sanders a question that has probably crossed the mind on nearly everyone on the continent: what is the best case scenario of a Trump presidency?

Bernie and Stephen get along – you can just see it in the way they interact. And Colbert is setting up the questions for Sanders to knock it out of the park. Let’s hope that we see more of him on many Late Shows to come.

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