Wes Nale: no will power when it comes to food

Wes Nale: no will power when it comes to food

We’re going to miss Wes Nale, especially his comedic one liners like “I just don’t want to get hashtag blindsided”, “I ate 58 chicken nuggets in five minutes in an eating contest once” and famous last words “Those wings weren’t a million dollars but sometimes you gotta wing it. You gotta risk it for the biscuit.”

Food temptations during an Immunity Challenge on Survivor have foiled many, and Wes fell for it rather quickly. This ultimately led to his demise at Tribal Council where he was voted out on the account of two Immunity Idols at play. So were those wings worth it? Wes exclaims, “Hell no! 25 chicken wings and 2 beers were not worth a million dollars. I regret that decision.”

At Tribal Council, everything was seemingly going Reed’s way and Wes’ alliance would be saved, until dad Keith, uttered the words “stick with the plan”, which tipped off the other alliance that something was going on. What was going through Wes’ mind at that moment? “I pretty much knew that I had a 98% chance of going home as soon as I heard him say that.”

Keith offered the Idol to Wes but Wes said no. Did Keith feel badly about the outcome? Wes reveals, “To this day, he does not want to discuss it.”

In Wes’ Survivor profile, he said his strategy was to play like Russell Hanz and get the girls under his wing, so what happened with Jaclyn? Was he disrespectful towards her when Jon whet to Exile Island? Wes explains, “Jaclyn never talked to me at all either. She hadn’t said one word to me since Day 1. So when Jon went to Exile, it’s not like anything changed.”

If Wes could restart the game, would he change his strategy? “I would be more open to different alliances because we just didn’t have the numbers.” Speaking of different alliances, did he ever consider teaming up with Jeremy in a Firefighters R Us alliance? Wes says, “Not at the time, especially since my dad said he tried to get him out.”

Wes lost almost 20 pounds during his Survivor journey and gained back half the weight on his first night at Ponderosa. Clearly, we know his mind was on one thing – food! But was his head still in the game or was he just sitting back enjoying the show? Wes admits, “It’s a bit of both. You can still talk to people as they are voted out to see what really happened in the last 3 days.”

How did the Nale team end up on Survivor – who’s idea was it to try out? Wes says it was his idea, “I applied a few years ago and didn’t hear back from them. And then this year, they called and asked if I wanted to be on Blood Vs Water. I made a video with my dad and they [producers] liked it.”

Did he learn anything about his dad on Survivor that he didn’t know before? “Not really. He hasn’t cried since my grandfather’s funeral and then he cried out there which made me think ‘Wow, he does have an emotional side.’” And did Keith learn anything new about his son? “That I have no willpower when it comes to food”, Wes laughs.


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