Val Collins: they believed my two idol bluff

Val Collins: they believed my two idol bluff
Read our exclusive interview with Survivor castaway Val Collins.

It’s not uncommon in Survivor to be voted out with an Immunity Idol in the pocket, while others have been voted out with two Idols: Val Collins is the first in Survivor history to be voted out with two fake Idols.

To prepare for the game, she relied on her background as police officer for the game, “It helped because I work under stress, with people from all walks of life.” Unfortunately, she didn’t get any lessons or advice from other famous Survivor players from her home town, like Boston Rob.

“I was in a no-win situation.”

Her two daughters were super excited about seeing their parents on Survivor as they are big fans. As the family is watching the episodes now, Collins is explaining to her kids about the behind-the-scene details like how events that happen over 2-3 days are condensed down to one hour for broadcast on TV.

As for her big two Idol bluff she says, “I was in a no-win situation. If you say you have an Idol, people will try to flush it out. And it’s not that people didn’t believe it. John didn’t question it. He didn’t even ask to see it. People might have been skeptical but it’s not so crazy to believe since last season Tony had like 3 in his bag. I wanted to play an aggressive game. I didn’t want to be a pawn in other people’s game. I knew that I was a target and I had to try.”

Collins’ journey on the game started rough with the first challenge against her hubby, Jeremy. Her loss sent her off to Exile Island, which hurt her game but also returning to a losing team and being sent to Tribal Council was tough. “The team morale was definitely down”, explains Collins.

“I think it’s easier to play the game without a love one”

Could she have trusted John as an ally? “I wanted to trust him. There was a glimmer of hope but everyone saw us walk off together. I knew he was playing both sides.”

If she could rewind and change her game, she would have worked a bit harder with John from the start and tried to pull in his fans, like Wes. She had a lengthy conversation with Wes to try to win him over by telling him that Jeremy was also a firefighter and that she really connected with his dad but this went over his head and he didn’t make the connection. “The guys were really bro’ed up and it was hard to break through the bro-mance.” She would have also tried to talk to people less aggressively and play a more social game.

Val Collins thinks Jeremy will be shocked when he sees that she has been voted off. Jeremy thought he had a solid deal with John. “If anything, it will motivate Jeremy. I think it’s easier to play the game without a love one”.

Collins will be rooting for Jeremy she’s also betting on Natalie or Jacklyn, as the sole Survivor.

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