Taylor Lee Stocker on Putting Fatherhood First

Taylor Lee Stocker on Putting Fatherhood First
EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Lee Stocker on Figgy Romance and Putting Fatherhood First - Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X was definitely a roller coaster ride for Taylor Lee Stocker. His experience had its highs and its lows. Playing one of the most intriguing Survivor games since maybe Greg Buis, Taylor definitely marched to the beat of his own drummer. Now that time has passed, how does Taylor evaluate his own gameplay? What does he think about Figgy? Is he excited to be a new father? Here is our chat with Taylor.

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John Powell: When we spoke to Figgy she said… “Figtales is no more. I fell for Taylor. I really did but there were things I learned in the real world about him, things I didn’t know on the island that led to us not being together any more. There were just real life situations that got in the way.” Could you explain what she is referring to, what happened?

Taylor Lee Stocker: “I officially found out I was having a baby boy in July. That led to a pretty big life change. I took a camping trip and really thought through what the future would look like. I thought it would be better for my family and I, and everyone else around me, if I wouldn’t be dating Figgy anymore. I ended up having that conversation with her, breaking things off and I know she was really upset about it and thought it was the wrong decision. To this day, she is still pretty angry.”

“We don’t have any communication any more but a lot of animosity is on her end. All I wanted to do was the better thing for my family and thinking about the future. Not that there is anything wrong with Figgy at all or anything wrong with me. That was just what life threw at us. Also, our personalities are very similar as in we get too invested into something too quickly. That can be destructive. The two of us together in the real world is not a healthy thing.”

John Powell: Figgy also said…” I was the strategist. I was the one who did all the thinking.” What is your side of the story? Were things as cut and dried as that?

Taylor Lee Stocker: “Typically in life, if I know that someone is going to stick out their neck and do a lot of the work and they mess up, it is on them. I am kinda this guy behind the scenes. I am going to take that role every time. That is exactly what I did on Survivor. Michelle and I were playing a similar game. Jay was a big character and the same with Figgy. So, we hid right behind those people because when things get tough, they are the first on the chopping block. For some reason, those people think they are invincible but if things flip, which they always do, then they are the ones with their necks out there.”

“Especially at Takali, I never had any thoughts of going home. I always knew it was either Adam or Figgy. I think it is interesting that Figgy would even try to claim she was the strategist because my name never came up until last night’s vote. Never once was my name dropped meanwhile Figgy’s name had been dropped from Day One.”

John Powell: I think Michaela was quite clear about that. (Laughs)

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Taylor Lee Stocker: “Yeah, for sure! (Laughs) Figgy can claim whatever she wants but the facts are I made it farther for a reason. I am obviously not a goat and so I must have been doing something. Was I talking to a million people and going every which way? No, because she was doing that. I was letting her do that. I was fully capable of playing that type of game but you gotta know when to shut up in Survivor.”

John Powell: For sure. You gotta know when to pick your battles. Sometimes you gotta bite your tongue and let people self-destruct.

Taylor Lee Stocker: “True. Even if someone is a part of your alliance and Figgy was a casualty of that.”

John Powell: What was your motivation for going on Survivor?

Taylor Lee Stocker: “I have watched the show since I was a kid. When they did that season including the No Collars, I really identified with them. People who were wandering around society, don’t have a place but they manage to survive. I really had the desire to apply after that season.”

John Powell: Stealing food was a pretty bold move considering what has happened to past Survivors who have done so. What was your thinking behind that? Was it because you felt you had nothing to lose?

Taylor Lee Stocker: “I figured, if I am going to steal the food, I am going to steal A LOT of it.” (Laughs)

John Powell: (Laughs) Well, I guess if you are going to do it, you might as well go all the way. (Laughs)

Taylor Lee Stocker: “One of the clips they didn’t show was at the Tribal, David asked…Is there any left? I said…That depends. He answered: Depends on what? (Laughs) I said: If you are writing my name down tonight or not.” (Laughs) If I am going down, I am going down like a pirate!” (Laughs)

John Powell: Why do you think the tribe trusted Adam over yourself, Jay and Michelle?

Taylor Lee Stocker: “Adam is a sneaky player. He always finds those cracks, somehow. I don’t know how he does it. He is a very good player. In that vote, the Gen X players were still playing Gen X and the majority of the Millennials were thinking it was just players against players now. Jay and I were like…Everyone is playing Millennials versus Gen X except the Millennials. (Laughs). That was very frustrating.”


John Powell: You have been able to watch the episodes now. Is there anything you wish they would have shown more of?

Taylor Lee Stocker: “I ate a pretty big grasshopper in the beginning just for kicks. They didn’t show that. I was quite upset about that. (Laughs) There was so much stuff like when Jay and I got back from the Summit. We had such a sugar rush we had a full-on wrestling match and totally busted up the shelter! (Laughs) On my part, I wish they showed more of me strategizing. I wish they would have shown a little bit more of that.”

John Powell: Did you ever think about revealing Jay’s Idol and selling him out so you could stay?

Taylor Lee Stocker: “I didn’t know 100% that Jay had the Idol. I had hopes that he had one and was going to save me. I had no idea though that the votes were going to be split the way they were. I turned back to Jay and I told him to do what he needed to do as I was sure the majority of votes were coming my way. I didn’t want to ruin his game more than I already had. (Laughs) That’s why he voted for me.”

John Powell: You are about to become a new father. What are you looking forward to the most? I know I consider my son my greatest accomplishment, for sure.

Taylor Lee Stocker: “Teaching him snowboarding, obviously. (Laughs) Being a human being is about all of our experiences and that is what I cling to the most. I have a good feeling that this is going to change things so drastically for the better. A lot of these other desires that I have had in the past, going on these adventures trying to fulfill myself won’t matter as much anymore. I will be seeing life through a whole new lens.”

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