Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 9 winners, losers

Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 9 winners, losers

Game Fail: Why Jenn Brown Lost Survivor

By John Powell –

Jenn Brown was a rebel, the epitome of the No Collar way of life. Some would say a rebel without a clue. Some would say she was a rebel right on cue. No matter which way you see her, she was a massive character with massive impact on the Worlds Apart series.

Jenn began as the No Collar mastermind, rallying the troops as best she could, when she could, while she could. When the dynamics were switched up, she became the notorious spoiler, a thorn in the side of her enemies. Her mission: to cause as much chaos as she possibly could, to make it as difficult for them as she could.

Running the gamut of emotions, she also became the quitter, revelling in the joyous possibility of being voted out, sparking a love-hate relationship with die-hard fans who frown upon those who raise the white flag.

Jenn Brown

Strategic Gameplay

Jenn demonstrated early on that she was not just a challenge threat but she could also outwit those around her. Knowing he was an unreliable ally, she quickly dumped Vince as a partner. She was also one of the first No Collars to suspect that Will was not to be trusted and was proven right later in the game.

At the merged tribe, she was smart enough to pull Shirin in to their alliance and use her Hidden Immunity Idol at the right time to save herself.

Her plan to give Joe Immunity if she had won it just to keep him around to frustrate the Blue Collar Alliance would have been a dramatic move if it had worked out.

Rating: 4 / 5

Jenn Brown

Social Gameplay

Jenn’s social game was often very confusing and very awkward to watch. She handled the situation with Vince very well but then dropped the ball when it came to placating Nina.

Jenn developed strong bonds with her core alliance of friends, Joe, Hali and then later Shirin. She never really expanded her social circle beyond that though.

Instead of stroking the egos of her rivals or trying her best to remain in their good graces, she deliberately tried her best to rile them up, keep them off balance and annoy them as much as humanly possible. While this made for great television, it didn’t advance her game at all or create new opportunities for her. It shut doors instead of keeping them open.

Rating: 3 / 5


Entertainment Value

Candid, unpredictable and a strong competitor, Jenn was a Survivor rebel. From her highs to her lows in the game, Jenn never failed to stir things up or be in the middle of all the fussing and fighting.

She is definitely another candidate for an all-star return. She had all the qualities that make a well-rounded player she just never had the numbers on her side and that was partially the way the game evolved and her own fault for not trying to create cracks in the core alliances.

Rating: 10 / 10

Final Castaway Rating: 17 / 20

Powell’s Picks: Episode 9

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Sub-Alliance

Rodney, Will, Carolyn and Tyler botched their strategy session, were outed publicly and only Rodney did anything to remedy the situation. In the end, the others left in the game certainly don’t trust the foursome as much as they used to.

Mike Halloway

Silver Amateur: Mike Holloway

One of the keys to Survivor is making the right move at the right time. Mike sabotaged his own sub-alliance reveal by staging it at the wrong moment allowing Rodney to play the he-is-paranoid-crazy card.


Gold Amateur: Will Sims II

While it is true that Shirin has gotten on the nerves of the other players, Will’s malicious and deeply personal attacks had to not play well with even his own allies, except for maybe Rodney. Like his pal Rodney, it is doubtful that even if Will makes it to the end, he will win the jury vote based on his behaviour.

Mike Halloway

Bronze MVP: Mike Holloway

He bungled the big reveal but bounced back by winning Immunity and working the Blue Collar Alliance as hard as he could. Mike hasn’t just accepted his fate and is doing all he can to atone for his mistakes. His effort might just pay off.


Silver MVP: Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Turning the circumstances of Mike’s truthful reveal around by playing on people’s emotions was a clever move. He was very successful at mitigating the damage done.


Gold MVP: The Auction Twists

From the double vote power to Will’s surprise ejection and reward, the producers once again delivered timely twists that shaped one of the best episodes of Survivor to ever be produced. Brilliant stuff.


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