Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 5 winners, losers

Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 5 winners, losers

Game Fail: Why Joaquin Souberbielle Lost Survivor

By John Powell –

First impressions often last the longest. Try as he might Joaquin Souberbielle couldn’t escape the ones he made with his fellow White Collar tribe mates. Saved by the timely merger, he continued to stutter and stumble at Escameca.

Just as his poor judgement caused him to back losing horse So Kim at the Masaya tribe, he hitched his wagon to Rodney at Escameca, another fatal mistake on his part. Making his bromance, alliance with the already despised Rodney so public caused a malicious backlash that eventually resulted in Joaquin and not Rodney packing his bags.

One bad decision after another aptly summarizes Joaquin’s Survivor game. He trusted the wrong people, made the wrong alliances and assumed the wrong things. From start to finish, he couldn’t seem to build any momentum or climb his way out of the hole he dug for himself.

Joaquin Souberbielle

Strategic Gameplay

He started out the game lying to his own tribe and did so very, very badly. There was no fooling Masaya. They knew So and Joaquin were not being truthful about their decision to take the clue. His first big move resulted in him stabbing himself in the back. Not a great start.

Things only got worse for Joaquin when he elected to make a deal with Rodney based on their commonalities rather than seek out trustworthy and strong players to support his game. He let a personal, social connection get in the way of maybe forming a stronger alliance at Escameca.

Perhaps because his first strategic move failed so badly, Joaquin didn’t really take the reins as he should have to guarantee his own survival and control his own destiny as best that he could.

Rating: 1 / 5

Joaquin Souberbielle

Social Gameplay

His association with So burned him badly, so badly that nobody at Masaya really ever trusted him again. With his support system and only true ally gone, he was next on the chopping block. There was no escaping that fact until the merger gave him a second lease on life in the game.

Instead of capitalizing on the chance to turn his fortunes around, he aligned himself with another unpopular player putting himself right back into the same terrible position. Guilt by association took hold and there was no way he could escape from Rodney’s influence or shadow.

Rating: 1 / 5

Joaquin Souberbielle

Entertainment Value

Besides him spinning lies with So and bromancing it to the extreme with Rodney, we never got to know anything really personal about Joaquin. Like the palm trees, turtles and coral, he was kinda just there.

Having sparked so much drama at the start of the series, Joaquin burned out early and never thrust himself into the spotlight, probably because he feared being burned yet again. Most of his recent scenes consisted of him chest bumping with Rodney otherwise he was like a shadow on the beach.

Rating: 3 / 10

Final Castaway Rating: 5 / 20

Powell’s Picks: Episode 6

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.

Jeff Probst

Bronze Amateur: Early Merge

First the Producers cancel the themed twist of this season only a few episodes in and now they are merging on episode seven? Seems a bit premature for my liking but then again maybe they are hoping for some new alliances to change things up.

Mike Halloway

Silver Amateur: Mike Holloway

It is never smart to throw an Immunity Challenge and to do so in the open like that? What is this guy thinking? Things could have easily gone terribly wrong.


Gold Amateur: Joaquin Souberbielle, Rodney Lavoie Jr.,

Flaunting your bromance, making yourself a power couple is not healthy strategy at this point in the game.


Bronze MVP: Shirin Oskooi

To her credit, she has realized some of her mistakes and is trying to make amends. Will it be too little, too late? We shall see.


Silver MVP: Dan Foley, Mike Holloway

Smoothing things over with Sierra as best they could opened the door to this week’s blindside and the reuniting of the Blue Collar Alliance. They could be the team to beat going into the merger.


Gold MVP: Sierra Dawn Thomas

This week, all of the cards were in her hands. She was the swing vote and the power player who eventually decided how the game would be played out on the Escameca Tribe.


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