Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 4 winners, losers

Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 4 winners, losers

Game Fail: Why Lindsey Cascaddan and Max Dawson Lost Survivor

Although Blue and White Collars, Lindsey and Max are from very, very different worlds they do share one thing in common: their verbal diarrhea cost them the million dollar prize.

In such a precarious social game, those who don’t know how to hold their tongues, their tempers or rein their personalities usually don’t triumph. Both Lindsey and Max couldn’t adapt to their new environment making themselves easy targets. Neither had much self-awareness, one of the essential character traits to do well at the Survivor game.

Lindsey couldn’t stop herself from being argumentative and putting people in their place. Standing up to ignorance is admirable in the outside world but in Survivor being steadfastly disagreeable, impulsive and confrontational doesn’t bode well for tribe moral or cohesiveness.

Whether cleaning his infected feet in the tribe’s drinking water, walking around naked or talking about Survivor all the time, Max had no clue that his antics were slowly but surely getting on people’s nerves. Like Lindsey, he made camp life chaotic and prickly.

Lindsay sit

Strategic Gameplay

Lindsey: Since the Blue Collar Tribe only went to Tribal Council once, we didn’t get to see Lindsey flex whatever strategic muscles she had. She bonded with Sierra but beyond that, she erroneously believed she was part of the core alliance.

Although she did express her desire to target certain tribe mates, she never got the opportunity to execute any of her plans and in reality, never had the numbers on her side to do so. It seems she took people at face value and didn’t work the tribal politics at all.

Lindsey: Rating: 2 / 5

Max: When he finally got the chance to play the game, Max found himself blindsided. Like “super fan” John Cochran during his first appearance on Survivor, Max was so taken with the experience itself he didn’t pay attention to important details like keeping his finger on the pulse of the tribe and his place in it.

Electing to talk strategy for prolonged periods with Shirin right in front of everyone didn’t go over well either. His choice of an ally was also very poor. Instead of taking the lead or at least having an active role of some kind, he let Shirin engage in all of the diplomacy and placed far too much trust in her abilities. When it came to tactics, Max was all talk and no action.

Rating: 1 / 5

Max sit

Social Gameplay

Lindsey: Her only close friend was Sierra and that alone says a lot about Lindsey’s time on Survivor. With a chip on her shoulder as big as a redwood tree, Lindsey was too opinionated and aggressive for her own good. Butting heads with about half the tribe at one point or another, didn’t endear her to anyone.

On Survivor, you have to pick your battles and you don’t even really have to like or agree with all of the people in your alliance on such life issues as politics or religion. What is vital is you trust them implicitly and they trust you. It is hard to build a foundation of loyalty when you are bitterly fighting with the very people who could be your allies. That kind of behaviour taints you as unpredictable and unstable.

Lindsay’s one saving grace is she was a unifying force whose passion for her tribe brought people together. Her pride lit a fire under everyone setting them on a positive path from the very start.

Rating: 1 / 5

Max: Like Lindsey, Max hitched his horse to the wrong cart and had no clue about the greater tribe dynamic or how much his conduct was impacting it.

Walking around nude, boasting about his Survivor knowledge and generally rubbing everyone the wrong way, Max was oblivious to everything and everyone around him. Annoying both tribes to the point that they both wanted to boot him as soon as they could illustrated what a poor social game he played on the island.

Rating: 1 / 5

Lindsay water

Entertainment Value

Lindsey: Confrontation after confrontation makes for Good TV. Even though her social strategy was extremely poor, Lindsey caused a lot of drama through her combative, abrasive personality. It is always entertaining to watch someone completely flame out. Such high drama though usually leads to a quick exit and Lindsey was par for the course as far as that is concerned. She will be remembered though long after the finale has aired.

Rating: 8 / 10

Max: He was undeniably quirky and different but besides drawing attention to himself whenever he could, there wasn’t much to his overall personality. He didn’t make any real big moves. He wasn’t involved in much of the drama. He will be known as the bearded guy who got stung by stingrays and irritated everyone. Max who?

Rating: 4 / 10

Lindsay: Final Castaway Rating: 11 / 20


Max: Final Castaway Rating: 6 / 20


Powell’s Picks: Episodes 4, 5

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.

Jeff Probst

Bronze Amateur: Social twist termination, Transparent Immunity Idols

It did mix things up but dissolving the major twist on the fifth episode seems a little bit premature, especially since the producers made such a big deal about the theme and the clash of classes, which now seems totally unresolved. A very strange move by Production.

Come on. When players are stumbling across Hidden Immunity Idols on the way to collect firewood, go to the bathroom or skipping rocks at a creek bed, it is time to remove them from the game or just hand them out with the buffs when the players first hit the beach. What’s the challenge, really?


Silver Amateur: Shirin Oskooi

The tribal switch did nothing to improve her status, in fact, it may have gotten worse. Let’s face it, with or without Max though, she is doomed. If she does somehow manage to recover from her self-imposed character assassination it will be one of the biggest social comebacks in Survivor history.


Gold Amateur: Max Dawson, Lindsey Cascaddan

Picked the wrong fights, allies and couldn’t contain their off-putting personalities.


Bronze MVP: Jenn Brown

Everything seems to be going her way. Lady Luck is in her pocket for sure. She worked the latest alliance well and repositioned herself into a secure place in the game.


Silver MVP: Kelly Remington

She surveyed the lay of the land well and is now part of the core alliance. What remains to be seen is if she can become more to the alliance than a dependable vote for the time being.


Gold MVP: Carolyn Rivera

She made a big power move at just the right time and has ensured her safety. By confiding in Jenn, another power player this season, the two could become unstoppable if they stick close to each other. They could be the pair to beat.


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