Survivor San Juan del Sur: week two winners, losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: week two winners, losers
Val Collins was the second castaway booted off Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Game Fail: Why Val Collins lost Survivor

No matter whether you are playing video games, hockey or Survivor, a one-note strategy will rarely pave the way for victory. Being versatile and adaptive to any situation you could confront is the key. Val Collins had only one arrow in her quiver and when that was proved ineffective, the Walk of Shame soon welcomed another dejected visitor.

Strategic gameplay

With her one bullet, she took steady aim and she missed. Sure, Val was put behind the 8-Ball when she was sent off to Exile Island but upon her return instead of engraciating herself to the tribe, she decided to use deceit and threats. Her only chosen strategy was to intimidate the other castaways. Like anyone whose bluff is called, she had to put up or shut up. It is telling that she did such a poor job in persuading the others, they had no compunction about challenging her, forcing a face off at Tribal Council.

Rating: 1 / 5

Val Collins


Social gameplay

As the old saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Having missed that crucial bonding time with her tribe, Val should have looked to the long-term and found ways to make up for lost time. She should have known siding with only outsiders, Natalie and Jaclyn, would not get her far and neither would teaming with John Rocker. Pushing the others to the side by publicly plotting with Rocker did her no favours at all. It just made her situation more unfavourable than it already was.

People really don’t respond well to threats, especially in a game like Survivor. Pressuring people who already have a negative opinion sunk Val’s game.

Rating: 1 / 5

Entertainment value

If she had played her cards right, Val could have become another feisty, calculating personality many viewers love to watch each week. We saw glimpses of that and it is a shame that because of Val’s own do-or-die strategy we didn’t get to see more of her. She could have been a captivating player.

Rating: 2/10

Final castaway rating: 4/20



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