Survivor San Juan del Sur: week three winners, losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: week three winners, losers
John Rocker was the third castaway voted out of Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Game Fail: why John Rocker lost Survivor

Although he once said the last thing he wanted to do is offend people and ostracize himself, former professional baseball player John Rocker managed to do both on Survivor. Entering the game with an atrocious reputation, Rocker didn’t do much to silence his critics while on the island.

Not only did Rocker drop the ball over and over again when it came to outwitting the other players, he often let his emotions get the best of him resulting in a level of trash talk nobody really appreciated.

John Rocker
John Rocker on Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Strategic gameplay

Committing more errors than Herman Long, Rocker threw more balls than strikes guaranteeing he would eventually get the hook. It was bad enough that he made a public alliance with the biggest outcast on his own tribe but Rocker also aligned himself with Jeremy, a member of the enemy tribe. Then, defying all logic, he admitted doing so in front of everyone at the Reward Challenge. That foolish confession confirmed to his own tribe that he could not be trusted.

Having faith in all the wrong people and being oblivious to the tribal politics happening all around him, Rocker set himself up for failure.

Rating: 1 / 5

John Rocker and Jeff Probst - Survivor
John Rocker gets his torch snuffed on Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Social gameplay

No matter how competitive castaways can be at times, nobody likes a trash talker who hits below the belt. Two of the most crucial skills in Survivor are the ability to pick your battles and to swallow your pride, biting your tongue when need be. Rocker continually allowed his emotions and his ego to supersede good gameplay and common sense.

Although he was viewed as an asset to his tribe due to his athletic background, his reputation and actions on the island didn’t make him any allies or friends. When members of your own tribe feel your actions are putting their individual games at risk, your social game is a total catastrophe.

Rating: 1 / 5

John Rocker and Josh Reid - Survivor
John Rocker (L) and Josh Reid (R)

Entertainment value

While the drama caused by his actions did spark some of the most heated disputes thus far, there wasn’t much to John Rocker besides that. Portrayed as nothing more than an instigator and an injudicious player, viewers knew his time on the series was limited, he was cast for shock value and that when all was said and done, he would be a footnote in Survivor history.

Rating: 3 / 10

Final castaway rating: 5/20



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