Survivor San Juan del Sur: week six winners, losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: week six winners, losers
Dale Wentworth was voted off Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Game Fail: Why Dale Wentworth Lost Survivor

Dale must have felt like a punching bag. With the boot of Kelley last week, he took a shot to the body. This week, it was a haymaker punch to the jaw knocking him right out of the game.

With his back to the ropes, Dale did not leave quietly. Proving to be a resourceful player, he performed every combination he could put together but just like his daughter, the numbers game took him down.

Dale and Jeff Probst - Survivor
Dale Wentworth (L) and Jeff Probst (R)

Strategic gameplay

Clever and shrewd, Dale would have been eliminated much earlier were it not for key strategic moves which bought him more time. Using Nadiya’s past against her and creating a phoney Hidden Immunity Idol were just some of the maneuvers Dale executed to prolong his life in the game. He was certainly very good at playing people off one another and putting the right word in the right ear.

A long-time fan of the series, Dale also clearly understood from the start, that while you have a long-term goal, you have to play for the short-term, especially on tribes where the politics are shifting and evolving rapidly. His tactical approach was purposeful, precise and he adapted well to the changes around him.

Rating: 4 / 5

Dale and Baylor - Survivor
Dale Wentworth (L) and Baylor Wilson (R)


Social gameplay

Undeniably, this is where Dale really stumbled. Maybe it was the day-to-day solitary life as farmer. Maybe it was his age. Maybe it was just his personality but Dale appeared to be a square puzzle piece trying to fit into a round hole. It was noticeably hard for him to bridge certain gaps on both tribes. As Kelley said of the situation, if the dynamics had been different, Dale might have an easier time fitting in.

Dale was his own worst enemy, fighting battles maybe he shouldn’t have. Outspoken and pushy at times, his attitude did not sit well with everyone. Kelley was a tremendous mitigating factor. She was able to corral and calm him but by the time she arrived on the scene to steer him right, the damage had already been done. Dale was a great negotiator but not a great diplomat.

Rating: 2 / 5

Dale - Survivor blood vs. water part 2
Dale Wentworth on Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Entertainment value

Dale’s was indeed a curious story. Behind the eight-ball from the very start, it was intriguing to follow his journey to see just how long he would last and what strategy he would have up his sleeve to extend his time on the island. He had drama. He had strategy. He had some touching moments. He was not a one-note character by any stretch.

Rating: 7 / 10

Final castaway rating: 13/20


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