Survivor San Juan del Sur: week seven winners, losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: week seven winners, losers
Julie McGee on Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Game Fail: Why Julie McGee Lost Survivor

Julie McGee has finally waved the white flag. Battered and beaten by the experience and the environment, it wasn’t if Julie would end up quitting Survivor but rather when she would. Missing her boyfriend John and being at the centre of the trail mix scandal made the decision to leave the island that much easier for the model and owner of a spray tan business.

Electing to do what was best for herself rather than her alliance, Julie’s decision to cut her game short could have far-reaching effects for those who are still playing Survivor. The reasons why she chose to end her pursuit of the million dollar prize seems to matter little to those left behind.

Jeff Probst and Julie on Survivor
Jeff Probst (L) and Julie McGee (R)


Strategic gameplay

Julie showed some true promise. She was perceptive in the way she successfully deflected much of the heat brought upon her by her boyfriend, John Rocker. His behavior could have sunk her but Julie was able to create some separation between his game and her own.

Despite being targeted by Jon on the original Hunahpu, Julie was able to shore up things with the women and form a strong alliance. She did have the makings of being a half-decent player and seemed to do well without her loved one to lean on, nevertheless, her head drifted out of the game once the environmental and social hardships began to take their toll. Julie never regained her footing once she took that initial tumble.

Rating: 1 / 5


Survivor 2014
Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Season 29

Social gameplay

Although she did well at the start, making up some ground lost by John’s influence on her game, her weak contributions to camp life and inability to forge solid bonds made her an easy target. Deliberately hiding food from the rest of the tribe was regarded as a serious violation of trust, loyalty and faith. Besides being a vote they could control, it seemed Julie was destined to be nothing more than a disposal ally to her cohorts. Ultimately, Julie’s ties to the others were so weak, leaving the game didn’t appear to be that difficult decision for her to make, even though she did express some regret.

Rating: 1 / 5


Survivor: San Juan del Sur
(L-R) Missy Payne, Baylor Wilson, Julie McGee, Natalie Anderson

Entertainment value

Besides her ties to John, Julie really didn’t develop into her own character on the series. She was “John’s girlfriend” and not much else. The only airtime granted to her was when she was in distress or complaining about her situation. It was no surprise to anyone that she threw in the towel when she did. Without much to go on, it was difficult to appreciate Julie or her time on the series. It is just hard to become invested in or have an emotional attachment to someone we know very little about.

Rating: 2 / 10

Final castaway rating: 4/20


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