Survivor San Juan del Sur: Week One Winners, Losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: Week One Winners, Losers
Nadiya Anderson was the first castaway voted out of Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Game Fail: Why Nadiya Anderson Lost Survivor

Summary: As many famous castaways have learned in the past, your reputation will often preceed you on Survivor. Amazing Race veteran Nadiya Anderson was no different with her past coming back to haunt her very quickly.

Aware of how she and her twin sister played The Amazing Race and how they never really walked the straight and narrow, Nadiya’s tribemates feared she would not be totally loyal to them either. Rather than play every day with that apprehension in the back of their minds, especially at such an early stage in the game, they decided to stab her in the back before she had the time to do the same to them. Nadiya’s own past was responsible for her downfall.

Nadiya Anderson

Strategic Gameplay

Nadiya hit the ground running by discussing a women’s alliance, which in Nadiya’s mind obviously includes gay man, Josh. Think of that reasoning what you will. She did attempt to increase their numbers.

At any rate, Nadiya did try to control her own fate or at least was willing to join a group to protect her place in the game. What seems to have thwarted those grand designs was her past gameplay on Amazing Race and the fact that she couldn’t ever seem to bite her tongue on the island. No surprise there. She should have known before she even stepped on that plane that speaking your mind all the time is not a good thing on Survivor, as we saw with her first and final appearance at Tribal Council.

Rating: 2 / 5

Social Gameplay

It is hard to judge her social game as we didn’t see much of her time on the island but she did make in-roads with her tribe enough for them to talk game with her. The reality is that they knew her history and after meeting her in person and getting to know her, they didn’t place their faith in her which says a lot about any bonds Nadiya thought she had established.

Rating: 1 / 5

Entertainment Value

Love her or hate her, Nadiya was a vibrant and thought-provoking character on The Amazing Race. Along with her sister, she was brash, confident (some would say arrogant) and a tough competitor. Unfortunately, her time on Survivor was short-lived and therefore she never lived up to her true potential on the series but was a firecracker on the first episode.

Rating: 6/10

Final Castaway Rating: 9/20


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