Survivor San Juan del Sur: week four winners, losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: week four winners, losers
Survivor: San Juan del Sur - Drew Christy

Game Fail: Why Drew Christy Lost Survivor

In the past, many Survivor contestants have intentionally or unintentionally dug their own graves. Drew Christy did all of them one better. He dug his own grave, ordered the wreath, hosted the wake, read his own eulogy and erected his own tombstone.

In what could be the worst gameplay ever seen in the history of Survivor, Drew masterminded his own exit in a set of circumstances that had to be seen to be believed. Moreover, Drew’s social and strategic game were so dreadfully appalling, they should be used as the perhaps the greatest examples of how to never, ever play the Survivor game. A total and utter embarrassment.

Survivor Blood vs. Water - Drew Christy
Survivor San Juan del Sur: Blood vs. Water – Drew Christy


Strategic gameplay

Drew’s was utterly incomprehensible. From the moment that dim cartoon bulb went off above his head on Exile Island setting the Coyote inspired blunder in motion, we could see the wick being lit on that rolling Looney Tunes keg of dynamite that would eventually blow up in his face. It was a comedy of errors from start to finish.

Throwing a challenge when your tribe is in command and there are really no immediate threats or problems which need to be dealt with in your camp? It makes no sense. Not only did he throw the challenge single-handedly but he does so very, very poorly. How could anyone not notice his unqualified shenanigans? If that wasn’t dreadful enough, Drew unabashedly talks strategy right in front of the person he is targeting then proceeds to insult all of the women on his tribe.

Combine all that with his poor work ethic, his inability to stop flapping his gums and brazen desire to be the ultimate authority in his tribe and you have the recipe for a momentous Survivor disaster.

Rating: 0 / 5

Survivor - Drew and Jaclyn
Drew Christy (L) and Jaclyn Schultz (R)

Social gameplay

Besides his fellow frat boy Jon, Drew didn’t seem to institute any meaningful ties and who can blame any of his tribe mates? He rebuffed so many with his laziness, condescending attitude and overbearing nature.

Drew badmouthed Hunahpu more than Coyopa ever did. The people who were supposed to be his allies. He demeaned them twice for not daring to make a deal with Probst. He upset Jeremy by totally dismissing his thoughts and not hearing him out at the strategy session. He called all of the Hunahpu women “bitches” with Kelley standing within ear-shot. He rallied for votes against Kelley right in front of her. Drew clearly had no social tact, not even the elementary understanding of human behaviour or he just didn’t care, which is why he is roasting hot dogs at the Ponderosa.

Rating: 0 / 5

Drew Christy and Alec Christy - Survivor
Drew Christy (L) and Alec Christy (R)


Entertainment value

Like an accident about to happen, it was fascinating to watch Drew crash and burn so very, very badly. Even hours after the episode aired, I was still trying to comprehend what it is I just saw. Everyone loves a spectacular flameout.

Rating: 4 / 10

Final Castaway Rating: 4 / 20


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