Survivor San Juan del Sur: week five winners, losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: week five winners, losers
Kelley Wentworth - Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Game Fail: Why Kelley Wentworth Lost Survivor

Playing Survivor with a public partner is a double-edged sword. On one hand, two are definitely stronger than one in what often boils down to a numbers game. On the other, guilt by association can be the anchor that weighs down even the best of Survivor games. Although she wanted to be seen as a separate player in her own right, Kelley just couldn’t escape the legacy of her father, Dale.


Kelley Wentworth - Survivor 2014
Kelley Wentworth (L) and Jeff Probst (R)

Strategic gameplay

Before the swap, we didn’t see much of Kelly’s gameplay. With the tribal switcheroo in play and her father continuing to irritate many around him, Kelly didn’t have many options. She took a good run at partnering up with Jon and Jaclyn but it was probably an uphill battle trying to convince them to side with her dad, a player who proved with his comments and behavior that he was a loose cannon. Her attempt to discredit Baylor and Missy made perfect sense but obviously whatever she said or did was not enough to gain new allies.

Although we didn’t see much of it on the series, we know from the comments made by booted castaways that Kelly must have shared her fandom of Survivor. The fact that she has watched every episode and followed the production very closely. Ruling out very close allies, it is never a good idea to reveal that to people who could, at the drop of a dime, become your worst enemies.

Rating: 2 / 5

Survivor - Kelley and Jaclyn
Kelley Wentworth (L) and Jaclyn Schultz (R)


Social gameplay

There’s not a whole lot on this front to report on either until the swap shook things up. She did react well to Drew’s public attacks on the original tribe. She didn’t make a scene or cause a disruption that could have possibly worked against her. She bit her tongue and refrained from stooping to his level.

After the switcheroo, she did all the right things socially. She pulled her dad aside. Removed him from a volatile situation and acted as the voice of reason to prevent a bad situation from getting worse. She advised him on gameplay and pointed out his mistakes. She reached out to potential new allies in a thoughtful and emotional way to create those vital bonds but for whatever reason, they didn’t take hold. It seems she wasn’t as good at spreading doubt as her foes.

Rating: 3 / 5


Kelley on Survivor season 29
Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Kelley Wentworth

Entertainment value

Sigh. What could have been. She seemed to have all the right tools and skills but couldn’t shake the dark cloud over her game cast by her father.

Rating: 4 / 10

Final castaway rating: 9/20


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