Survivor San Juan del Sur: week eight winners, losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: week eight winners, losers
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Game Fail: Why Josh Canfield Lost Survivor

One of the early favourites to win Survivor San Juan del Sur is now the first member of the jury. Josh Canfield, the overt mastermind, finally found himself in a situation he couldn’t scheme his way out of. Hammered by unbreakable original Hunahpu loyalties and a feud between the men and women of Huyopa, Josh’s devious disposition only made him even more of target this week.

Josh and Reid - Survivor
Josh Canfield (L) and Reid Kelley (R)

Strategic gameplay

Josh was one of the more calculating players to ever be cast on Survivor, the problem is everyone knew it. Josh began the game with a firm understanding of the tribal politics he was embedded in. With his finger on the pulse of Coyopa, Josh’s first big move was artfully flipping the vote and pushing Val out of the game, making an enemy out of Jeremy. His plan targeting John Rocker was also just as successful. It was clear Josh had the ability to bring people into his confidence and reason with them on their level.

As the dynamics of the game changed though, Josh’s magic began to fade as did his influence with the other players. Even though he had boyfriend Reed on his side strengthening his position, Josh’s grip over the others weakened considerably to the point that he was fighting for his very life after not winning Individual Immunity. Josh’s biggest mistake was instead of being a sly puppet master working behind the scenes, he insisted on being a public conniver.

Rating: 4 / 5

John Rocker and Josh - Survivor
John Rocker (L) and Josh Canfield (R)

Social gameplay

Although he was a likable person, Josh’s social game didn’t stand the test of time. His unconcealed power moves made long-term enemies who eventually torpedoed his game. Baylor never forgave him for that vote against her even though Josh insisted it was to divert suspicion. Jeremy also harboured a grudge which never waned.

Josh was so open when it came to his plotting that many lost their trust in him or couldn’t, wouldn’t partner up with him due to his reputation in the game. Playing too hard, too fast and too openly made him far too dangerous to keep around.

Rating: 3 / 5

Josh Canfield on Survivor
Survivor: San Juan del Sur, Josh Canfield

Entertainment value

From the time he stepped foot on the beach to the time his torch was snuffed by Jeff Probst, Josh never stopped playing Survivor. Though it may have been terrible for him to play so aggressively, it was great drama for the series and the viewers. Off the chain from the very start, Josh was a fun player to watch even though we all knew with his approach he would either gamble and win big or eventually crash and burn as he did.

Rating: 8/ 10

Final castaway rating: 17/20


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