Survivor San Juan del Sur: week 9 winners and losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: week 9 winners and losers
This week on Survivor, who played it cool and who played the fool?

Game Fail: why Jeremy Collins lost Survivor

Another Survivor: San Juan del Sur favourite to win it all has been unceremoniously sent to the jury. Jeremy Collins, the Cambridge firefighter, was playing one of the strongest games this season. Making few mistakes and keeping his cards close to his chest until tonight’s episode, Jeremy looked as if he had the final four in his sights. As Jeremy learned, paranoia is one of the most powerful forces in Survivor and can often put the best laid plans to rest.

Jeremy Collins, Alec Christy, John Misch
(L-R) Jeremy Collins, Alec Christy, John Misch

Strategic gameplay

From the moment he volunteered to represent Hunahpu on the very first day, Jeremy took careful, deliberate steps on his journey to the merge. Very methodical in his thinking, he sized up every player and every situation very well. He was quick to make alliances and quick to secure his place in the Tribal politics such as when he struck that deal with John on Redemption Island.

Jeremy was also not afraid to publicly get his hands dirty. He outed John’s past after he failed to protect Val and called out Keith for saying he potentially had a Hidden Immunity Idol in his possession. The trouble with that was the other players began to understand the lengths to which Jeremy might go to win it all and like his rival Josh, he made himself an open strategic threat. In point of fact, Josh and Jeremy were two sides of the same coin in the way they played Survivor.

Rating: 4 / 5

Josh, Jeremy and Reed on Survivor
(L-R) Josh Canfield, Jeremy Collins and Reed Kelly

Social gameplay

Most were fond and respectful of Jeremy with Natalie and Jon obviously being his strongest allies and friends. At the start of the series the others really trusted his thoughts, opinions but his straightforward tactical moves appeared to have eroded that trust over time.

While drawing in some close allies, Jeremy was known and seen to carry grudges and didn’t touch base with those on the periphery of his inner circle like Missy. Not managing those relationships better is one of the chief reasons he is sitting on the jury.

Jeremy’s biggest blunder though was calling out Jon for possibly lying about possessing the Hidden Immunity Idol. Why Jeremy elected to provoke Jon in that way and how he thought they could move on from that in a positive fashion boggles the mind a bit.

Rating: 3 / 5

Jeremy Collins and Jeff Probst
Jeremy Collins and Jeff Probst

Entertainment value

As an appealing schemer, it was fascinating to see how far Jeremy would go and whether he would maintain his strength both socially and strategically. His feud with Josh was perhaps the best rivalry this season and now that both of those strong players are out of the game, the fallout of their departures could very well define this season.

Rating: 8/ 10

Final Castaway Rating: 15 / 20




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