Survivor San Juan del Sur: week 12 winners and losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: week 12 winners and losers

Game Fail: Why Jon Misch Lost Survivor

It was the pride before the colossal fall. Jon Misch thought he had all the pieces in place but he forgot one of the Golden Rules of Survivor: Never get too comfortable. While his girlfriend Jaclyn had one of the most accurate Survivor game radars, Jon, thinking he had everything in hand, refused on multiple opportunities to listen to her.

Blind to the clues and shifting politics around him, Jon bought into his own hype, let down his guard and took his finger off the pulse of the tribe. For those mistakes, he paid the ultimate price in Survivor and was made to look the fool at Tribal Council.


Strategic Gameplay

Jon was the Survivor version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He did so much that was right and then wiped all that out by doing so much that was wrong in the game. Understanding that he could build trust by simply being honest, Jon rolled the dice early on admitting to losing the tribe’s flint. He was also the first to suggest voting out the singles so they could not form a natural alliance against any of the surviving pairs.

After the merge, Jon used the balance of power he and Jaclyn had quite well and always to their advantage. How much of that was when Jaclyn took the wheel is debatable. At the same time, he made so many simple mistakes like being fooled by Dale’s fake idol and resting on his laurels during the final phase. Jon’s strategic game was a mishmash of the very best decisions and the very worst.

Except for maybe when she convinced him to target Jeremy, Jaclyn gave Jon sage advice throughout their stay on the island but despite that, Jon stubbornly refused to listen to Jaclyn’s intuition in the later part of the game. It was a mistake that ended his chance at the million dollar prize.

Rating: 3.5 / 5


Social Gameplay

On his own, Jon did fairly well at integrating himself with his tribe. His choice of allies though was questionable. Jon’s status hit the skids when Drew was voted out. If the tribal swap hadn’t come along, chances are he would’ve been voted out next.

Once he was able to team up with Jaclyn, his social game grew stronger. With her critical eye adding to his perspective, he was able to choose better partners to collaborate with. Establishing a mother, son relationship with Missy both helped and hindered him.

Rating: 4 / 5


Entertainment Value

With Jaclyn at his side, Jon was a distinctive power player this season. That is when things really turned around for him, when he stopped being just one of the bros and a real contender. Kind and loyal, sometimes showing traces of arrogance and entitlement, Jon was a complex personality. Love him or hate him, he came across as a real person with great strengths and great weaknesses.

Rating: 8 / 10

Final Castaway Rating: 16 / 20


Powell’s Picks: Episode 12

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Jaclyn Schultz
Her instincts were almost infallible, yet her partner was voted out.


Silver Amateur: Missy Payne
While I applaud her grit in playing with a seriously injury, her unwillingness to vote out Jon could be seen as a weakness.


Gold Amateur: Jon Misch
He didn’t listen to his girlfriend, became too content and didn’t monitor the tribal politics as well as he should have.


Bronze MVP: Baylor Wilson
She displayed determination and wisdom in sticking with the plan and voting against her mother’s wishes.


Silver MVP: Keith Nale
At Tribal Council, he played his role to perfection


Gold MVP: Natalie Anderson
She was the mastermind of the biggest strategic move of the season thus far. A big score in the jury’s eyes.


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