Survivor San Juan del Sur: week 10 winners and losers

Survivor San Juan del Sur: week 10 winners and losers

Game Fail: Why Wes Nale Lost Survivor

For a million dollars you can buy approximately 100,000 baskets of chicken wings or 250,000 bottles of beer. In other words, Wes should have brushed up on his math skills before heading off to play Survivor. Safety in a game for a million dollar pay day is priceless. It is certainly not something you give up for small meal. Making such a crucial mistake at such a crucial phase of the game sums up the way Wes played Survivor; mostly by the seat of his pants. Stringing along, floating through and along for the ride, Wes didn’t appear to have any long-term strategy other than hope that luck and good fortune would be on his side until the end. That’s too much to expect in such an unpredictable contest. Survivor-Wes-Nale-balance

Strategic Gameplay

Tactical play wasn’t his strong suit. Wes was the one who correctly identified John Rocker for who he truly was and didn’t use that to his advantage in any discreet way. Instead, Wes let the secret out of the bag and John pondered voting him out for putting the pieces of the puzzle together. In another strategic blunder, Wes banked on a men’s alliance, which because of their behaviour, came apart at the seams once Jon got word of what was going on behind his back and Jaclyn took the men to task at Tribal Council. Allowing his belly to overrule his brain, Wes didn’t look as if he had any strategic impact at all on the series. He was never in control of the game or the tribal politics nor did he make any bold moves. Rating: 1 / 5 Survivor-Wes-Nale-b

Social Gameplay

Beyond hanging out with his dad or the other guys, Wes didn’t make many in-roads. Just kinda lounging in the background, he didn’t make any strong or lasting bonds with any of the other players. Kicking back with the guys didn’t do Wes any favours either. Openly discussing bodily functions and not being respectful to the women around them was part of the reason the male alliance and any semblance of a successful social game for Wes went up in smoke. Rating: 2 / 5 Survivor-Wes-Nale-Jeremy-Collins-challenge

Entertainment Value

Besides the bumbling, goof-off persona, there really wasn’t much to Wes. He did well at the Challenges but whether it was eating too much at the reward and paying for it later or choosing beer and wings over Immunity, he will always be remembered as the guy who thought with his stomach and not with his head. Rating: 3/ 10

Final Castaway Rating: 6 / 20


Powell’s Picks: Episode 10

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Alec, Reed Their plan to take out Jon failed and was exposed.


Silver Amateur: Keith Nale Stuck his foot in his mouth when he alluded to the scheme blindsiding Job at Tribal Council.


Gold Amateur: Wes Nale Chose food over a chance at Immunity


Bronze MVP: Keith Nale Using the Hidden Immunity idol, calling out Jon at the Immunity Challenge and pointing out to Natalie that her allies abandoned her were clever moves.


Silver MVP: Reed Kelly Though it didn’t pan out, Reed’s plan and execution of it was as brilliant as brilliant could be. Oh, yeah, he also won Immunity and avoided temptation.


Gold MVP: Natalie Anderson Finding the Hidden Immunity Idol and strengthening her bond with Jon by advising him to use the Idol while also plotting against him put Natalie to the top again this week.


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