Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Awards: Part One

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Awards: Part One
Three-Hour Survivor Season Finale and Reunion Special Wednesday, Dec 14 at 8 et/pt

By John Powell –

All good things must come to an end and as we eagerly await the finale of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, we at Global look back at the season that was. From the best to the worst, here is Part One of the Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Awards.

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The Insert Foot Into Mouth Award

Winners: Paul Wachter and Lucy Huang

Both said the wrong thing at the wrong time and paid for their mistakes in a big way.

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The Phillip Sheppard Award

Awarded to the worst dressed Survivor.

Winner: Hannah Shapiro

Those knee-high socks and grimy purple shorts? Ugh.

The Marissa Cooper Award

Named after The OC’s most infamous departure, this award is given to the Survivor who we wished would have stuck around a little bit longer.

Winners: Mari Takahashi, Michaela Bradshaw and Zeke Smith

We barely got to see Mari play, Michaela left far too soon and Zeke deserves to play again.

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The Richard Hatch Award

Given to the contestant who has masterfully schemed and outwitted their fellow players.

Winners: Zeke Smith and David Wright

Both began the series so unsure of themselves and their place on the island and within their tribes. As the weeks went by they grew to become two of the most dangerous players.

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The Hardcore Gameplay Award

Winners: Michaela Bradshaw

Not even losing her top would stop her from winning a challenge. You go girl!

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The Susan Richards Award

Named after the member of Marvel’s Fantastic Four and her superhuman ability to turn invisible.

Winner: Rachel Ako

It is a shame she didn’t last longer as she was a great personality but we barely got to know her.

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The Space Ghost Award

Named after Hanna-Barbera’s intergalactic superhero who could use his Inviso-Belt to turn, well, invisible.

Winner: Paul Wachter

He was there. He revealed his thoughts on the core alliance and…POOF!…he was gone.

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The Russell Hantz Award

Awarded to the Survivor with the worst social game.

Winners: Taylor Lee Stocker and Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa

They rubbed people the wrong way and their showmance made them easy targets. Taylor boasting about stealing and eating food was outrageous.

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The Erik Reichenbach Award

Recognizing the most foolish strategic move of the season.

Winner: David Wright, Wasting Idols

The idea of playing a Hidden Immunity Idol is to save yourself or to gain an advantage over the opposing side but…mostly you should save the power for yourself, especially if you are a massive target. David constantly using Idols to save other people when he was in no immediate danger himself was absolutely ridiculous game play of the highest order.

The Pretty Little Liars Law Enforcement Award

Named after possibly the worst police force in television history.

Winner: Bret LaBelle

Although he tried his best and I am sure he is a dedicated, experienced and brilliant police sergeant, even Hannah figured out he was lying about his true profession and it seems Bret never realized his cover had been blown.

Worst Production Member

The dishonour goes to the member of the production team who cannot pull his/her own weight.

Winner: Steal a Reward Twist

Unless you are stealing an enemy’s special advantage or power what is the point of taking someone else’s reward? Why make enemies in a game where social conduct and trust are valuable commodities? It makes no sense.

Best Twist of the Season

Winners: Three Tribes and the Legacy Advantage

Splitting the castaways into three tribes had a critical effect on the dynamics and momentum of the game. Although we don’t know its specific powers, having  a Legacy Advantage that can be passed on or used as a bargaining chip is a great idea.

Terms of Endearment Award

Awarded to the most heart-breaking moment of the season.

Winners: Adam Klein gets an update from his brother

Knowing Adam’s situation back home, seeing him break down after the update from his brother was one of the most emotional moments on Survivor in its 16 year history.

If At First You Don’t Succeed Award

Awarded to the Survivors who deserve to play again.

Winners: Mari Takahashi, Michaela Bradshaw, Jessica Lewis and Zeke Smith

Here is hoping they will be invited back soon.

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Next time on Survivor

Be sure to check out Part Two of the ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ Awards before Wednesday’s finale!

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