Survivor Cambodia: Week 9 winners, losers

Survivor Cambodia: Week 9 winners, losers

Game Fail: Why Kelly Wiglesworth Lost Survivor

John Powell –

You play or you get played. Ciera surely does speak the truth. Although she may be one of the most popular Survivors to ever be cast, Kelly Wiglesworth really didn’t bring it this time around. She admitted as much in her farewell testimonial. Being industrious at camp and being admired for your character isn’t enough these days to lock down a Survivor win.

After fifteen years of waiting for her second chance it was a harsh way for Kelly to go out. There’s no denying that. To be honest though, Kelly’s plight wasn’t unexpected. It wasn’t if she was going to be voted out but when she would. Kelly’s game was very fragile never really gaining strength as the season developed. She wasn’t considered a leader at any point. She was either floating in the wind or a follower who let others make moves for her.

Always a possible target because of her lack of commitment to anyone, Kelly stood on her own in a numbers game. An admirable personality trait in the real world but not often the way to win Survivor.

Strategic Gameplay

When it came to tribal politics, Kelly was either completely out of step, kept in the dark or indiscriminately shadowing others. She only survived for so long because of the moves others made not through her own strategy.

For instance, the original Bayon members had her in their sights then Monica self-destructed and the target shifted. Kelly wasn’t instrumental in any of that. Monica suggested betraying the core alliance then paid the price for doing so after Kimmi ratted on her.

Kelly was a valued asset because she was a strong challenge contender and a reliable vote. According to the edit she didn’t make any aggressive moves or execute any strategies, bold or otherwise.

Rating: 1 / 5

Social Gameplay

Kelly’s most cherished quality was her honesty. A respected player and person, Kelly could be trusted to follow through, always. That made her a dependable ally on the island.

Nobody appeared to bear her any ill-will, ever. She stayed out of all the pettiness that can come with playing the game, keeping her head held high through it all.

Rating : 4 / 5

Entertainment Value

Especially bearing in mind how close she came to winning last time around, it was such a thrill to see Kelly back in the game so many years later. A strong, formidable yet easy-going character, Kelly will forever be a Survivor icon.

The amount of airtime devoted to Kelly was disappointing, however, that could directly correspond to her gameplay. If her edit was an accurate reflection of that, Kelly simply didn’t take full advantage of her second chance or couldn’t play the type of game the others were.

Rating : 3 / 5

Final Castaway Rating: 8 / 15

Powell’s Picks: Episode 9

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Spencer Bledsoe

Spencer’s constant wavering, constant indecision is not very reassuring.


Silver Amateur: Stephen Fishbach

One gets the feeling that Stephen’s negotiations with the minority alliance could come back to haunt him as might taking the special advantage.


Gold Amateur: Kelly Wiglesworth

She should have played a much stronger, a much more diverse game.


Bronze MVP: Joe Anglim

He owns Immunity. He just cannot be beat.


Silver MVP: Stephen Fishbach, The Super Power

He risked it all by securing the special advantage and collaborating with Abi-Maria, Ciera and Kelley. It remains to be seen whether those risks will pay off. Gotta love the split-decision super power. The producers have done a fantastic job integrating the twists this year to make them far more dramatic and riskier.


Gold MVP: Jeremy Collins

A strong episode for Jeremy. He not only pocketed another Hidden Immunity Idol but he proved he is willing to evolve his game with the twists and turns of tribal politics.


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