Survivor Cambodia: Week 5 winners, losers

Survivor Cambodia: Week 5 winners, losers

Game Fail: Why Monica Padilla Lost Survivor

John Powell –

“There is nothing wrong with going to Tribal Council,” said Monica Padilla. Talk about your famous last words. Voted out by her own alliance in one of the most brutal and brilliant blindsides in Survivor history, Monica had no clue she blew up her own game just hours before Tribal Council.

Completely invisible for the majority of the season, Monica ruined her second chance by betraying the original Bayon alliance. Tipped off, the others stabbed her in the back before she had the chance to perhaps do the same to them in future.

With the numbers game heightened by the tribal switcheroo, the two original tribes transformed into three, Monica should have known openly discussing any other alliances could result in her partners turning their backs on her. One casual discussion, one throwaway comment, one careless statement is all it can take for castaways to lose their faith.

Strategic Gameplay

A virtual ghost on Cambodia until last week’s episode, we didn’t see much of Monica or her gameplay. What little we did observe was simply dreadful. Although we aren’t sure of the reasons why, she clearly didn’t trust Spencer and feared the men would align against the women.

Revealing her suspicions to Kimmi, a person she had already rubbed the wrong way on a number of occasions and didn’t have a meaningful relationship with, led to her eventual downfall. She confided in the wrong person and she paid for that.

Monica admitted in her confessional that what mattered to her was the long-term, the end game. Having played before, you would think she would know better. Survivor is a marathon not a sprint.

Rating: 1 / 5

Social Gameplay

There is more to a strong social game than just being good company. Monica may have ingratiated herself with some of the other players but she didn’t nurture serious connections. Because of that, nobody felt loyal to her or the need to give her the benefit of the doubt when her word and loyalty were called into question.

Even before her fall from grace, Monica was perceived to be a loose cannon who had to be dealt with sooner or later. She was recognized as a person who was out for herself and not a solid alliance member.

Rating: 1 / 5

Entertainment Value

Jeff Probst had more screen time. Heck, we heard more from the howler monkeys than Monica. Before last week’s show, she had no impact on the series at all. Though she did cause an accidental commotion this week, she flamed out very quickly indeed.

Rating: 1 / 5

Final Castaway Rating: 3 / 15

Powell’s Picks: Episode 4

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Kelly Wiglesworth, Stephen Fishbach
Neither had strong outings as their stock continues to tumble. Weak in the challenges thus far and not faring well in tribal politics either it is looking more and more likely that Kelly and Stephen won’t last.


Silver Amateur: Abi-Maria Gomes
Tasha is certainly being edited as a power player. For Abi-Maria to make the comment she did about Woo’s story may come back to haunt her if Tasha has anything to say about it.


Gold Amateur: Monica Padilla
Loose lips sink ships.


Bronze MVP: Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha, Savage
The alliances and friendships have grown stronger. It is these types of ties, these type of friendships which have been known to rise to the top.


Silver MVP: Woo Hwang
Although it may not aid his situation at Angkor in the end, Woo’s challenge dominance has at least bought him some time and confirmed that Angkor made the right decision in keeping him over Jeff.


Gold MVP: Kimmi Kappenberg
We are finally treated to the tribal politics at Bayon and what an eye-opener. Kimmi Cambodia is definitely not Kimmi Outback. Hard-nosed, uncompromising and taking control of her fate as best she can, Kimmi looks to be a power player in the making who might just give the others a run for their money.


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