Survivor Cambodia: Week 11 winners, losers

Survivor Cambodia: Week 11 winners, losers

Game Fail: Why Joe Anglim Lost Survivor

John Powell –

You can’t blame a guy for trying. Joe’s Immunity Challenge run was not only very impressive to say the least but one of the definitely highlights of this season. Even though his game didn’t play out as he would have liked, Joe has nothing to feel bad about.

Learning valuable lessons from Worlds Apart, Joe changed his approach for the better. Understanding that he couldn’t rely on his athleticism or likability to get him to the final Tribal Council, Joe improved his strategic game.

One could argue that it wasn’t very tactical of him to win all of those challenges, however, the cat was already out of the bag once everyone knew who they would be competing against this season. Everyone anticipated what Joe was truly capable of. No matter if he threw competitions or not, they recognized he was a challenge threat from the very start. Forfeiting competitions was not going to fool anyone. Joe did what he could with the cards he was dealt, he evolved and adapted as best he could.

Joe fought hard and fought well. One of the saddest exits in all of Survivor history.

Strategic Gameplay

Minutes after the game started, Joe had already aligned himself with Andrew, Keith, Jeremy and Tasha. That alliance would go far in protecting him further in the game.

His relationship with Kelley though had the opposite effect for him. Promising to protect her over Kimmi caused the core alliance not to trust him once Stephen informed the rest of the group, that is.

At the merger, Joe found himself in the position of being one of the swing votes. He worked that situation well, making in-roads with Spencer who had become a member of the core alliance.

When Stephen continued to target Joe, Andrew went to bat for him just as Jeremy did. Joe saved himself by forming a new alliance to counteract Stephen’s super power, betraying Jeremy in the process.

Joe never threw in the towel and did everything in his power to turn the tables on Abi-Maria.

Joe Rating: 3.5 / 5

Social Gameplay

From the first day at camp, Joe proved himself a prized member by the ease at which he started a fire. He would become a provider at Bayon which also increased his worth as someone you might want to keep around for at least the first phase of the competition.

A likable personality, it didn’t take much effort for Joe to fit in well with the other strangers.

His strong relationships with Jeremy and Andrew would prove valuable shielding him from being targeted by Stephen later on.

His ties to Kelly and Kelley, were a mixed bag. Wanting to protect Wiglesworth cost him trust as did warning Wentworth that she was about to be voted out. Wentworth played the Idol saving herself, forcing Joe to apologize to the core alliance for his mistake.

Joe Rating: 4.5 / 5

Entertainment Value

Admired and adored, it is hard not to root for Joe. He is unquestionably one of the most popular personalities ever to be cast on the show.

The thing is, Joe earned his place in the game. He didn’t coast by on his looks or his charm, although that was certainly part of his strategy. In Cambodia, he became a challenge legend and his social, strategic ploys pulled his bacon out of the fire on at least two occasions. Although he could have made better judgment calls here and there, he was a well-rounded, effective player.

Joe Rating: 5 / 5

Joe: Final Castaway Rating: 13 / 15

Powell’s Picks: Episode 11

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Abi-Maria Gomes

She shouldn’t be firing shots across the bow at Tribal Council. She should be lobbying the others to take her to the finals and reeling in those in the core alliance.


Silver Amateur: Kimmi Kappenberg

She has been aligned with Jeremy and Tasha since the start of the game. Why suggest bailing on them now? We have already witnessed the consequences. Tasha squealed on her and now the trust she developed could be gone.


Gold Amateur: Keith Nale

Obviously left out of the loop during the Tribal Council vote, Keith is clearly in danger. Being a challenge threat doesn’t help either.


Bronze MVP: The castaways for still voting out Joe

They didn’t let raw emotion cloud their judgement. A hard, heart-breaking vote but Joe had to go.


Silver MVP: Joe Anglim

Battled with everything he had and never quit even though the odds were stacked against him.


Gold MVP: Latasha “Tasha” Fox

Although she ratted out Kimmi to Spencer and Jeremy, she left her options open and could side with either alliance. Smart play.


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Survivor Season 38:
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