Survivor Awards – Worlds Apart – Part Two

Survivor Awards – Worlds Apart – Part Two

By John Powell –

As the knives are put away, the torches are all blown out and another season of Survivor comes to an end, we want to recognize the best and worst of Survivor: World’s Apart. Here are your 2015 Survivor Awards.

I’m a Super Duper Fan and I Know It
Given to the player who cannot help to reminding everyone that they are a Survivor fanatics.Sharin

Winners: Shirin Oskooi, Max Dawson
Whether it was imitating Richard Hatch’s need to doff his duds or relate Survivor trivia or facts that nobody cared about Shirin and Max couldn’t help but be blinded by the experience.


Worst Production Member
The dishonour goes to the member of the production team who cannot pull his/her own weight.immunity_mvp

Winner: Immunity Idol designer.
The Idols looked like something that washed up on the beach or what happens when a Tinker Toy can explodes.


The Jackson Pollock Award
Given to the worst tribal flag, name ever on Survivor.

Winner: Merica.
Seriously? What was the inspiration? George Bush?


Terms of Endearment Award
Awarded to the most heart-breaking moment of the season.Sharin

Winner: Shirin breaking down at Tribal Council.
Shirin shedding light on her horrendous family life was brave and touching.


The Twila Tanner Award
Given to the players who made the biggest or most crucial move during the season.mvp_carolyn

Winner: Carolyn Rivera.
This year it is not ONE move but MANY. Throughout the season, Carolyn has made strategic moves with absolute surgical precision. Just as alliance members were dragging her down, she was quick to cut them. She has no compunctions about sending Max or Tyler home to better her position in the game. The most fearless and cutthroat player this season, bar none.


The Rumble in the Jungle Award
The most heated confrontation during the season.Will

Winner: Shirin versus Will
Although the Mike, Lindsey dust-up at the beginning of the season was pretty brutal, the spat between Will and Shirin became incredibly personal and very cruel, very quickly.


Best ShowmanceRodney

Winners: Will Sims II and Rodney Lavoie Jr.
With no romance to speak of this season, Will and Rodney’s bromance is the next best thing. Loyal buds to the very end, these two dudes were inseparable.


The Frank Gorshin Award
Awarded to the trickiest riddle yet.Jeff Probst

Winner: The Episode 13 word puzzle.

When you need Jeff Probst to give you clues after a half an hour of twiddling yours thumbs, you know you are in trouble.


The George Armstrong Custer Award
Awarded to the worst Challenge strategy.Joe

Winner: Joe Anglim.
Joe sends Nina back from the water tower to the barrel during the third episode causing the No Collars to lose their second Immunity Challenge in a row.


The Chuck Norris Award
Awarded to the gutsiest Survivor.Kelly

Winner: Kelly Remington.
She was busted open by her own tribe’s swinging platform and continued on competing.


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