Survivor Awards – Worlds Apart – Part One

Survivor Awards – Worlds Apart – Part One

By John Powell –

As the knives are put away, the torches are all blown out and another season of Survivor comes to an end, we want to recognize the best and worst of Survivor: World’s Apart. Here are your 2015 Survivor Awards.

The Best of the Blue
Awarded to the person who best exemplifies the blue collar lifestyle.Mike HallowayWinner: Mike Holloway

Whether in danger or not he was always hustling. The hardest working Survivor this season.


Notable No-Collar
Awarded to the person who best exemplified the no collar lifestyle this season.Jenn

Winner: Jenn Brown
She lived by her own rules and refused to bow down to tradition or the expectations of others.


White Collar Winner
Given to the person who exemplified the white collar lifestyle this season.Tyler

Winners: Tyler Fredrickson and Carolyn Rivera
While Carolyn wasn’t afraid to step over others on the way to the top, Tyler’s actions proved there was nothing he wouldn’t do to get ahead in the game.


The Augustus Gloop Award
Awarded to the most self-centred, gluttonous Survivor this season.Rodney

Winner: Rodney Lavoie Jr.
He did more whining and complaining than an entire kindergarten class on any given school day and he pitched a temper tantrum whenever he didn’t get his way.


The Richard Hatch Award
Given to the contestant who has masterfully schemed, outwitted their fellow players.mvp_carolyn

Winners: Carolyn Rivera and Mike Holloway
A force of nature, Mike was always looking for an angle to exploit while Carolyn always seemed to make the right move at just the right time.


The Susan Richards Award
Named after the member of Marvel’s Fantastic Four and her superhuman ability to turn invisible.Kelly

Winner: Kelly Remington
Kelly who? Besides bonking her head during that challenge and resembling Ric Flair in a steel cage match and Mike throwing her that challenge, we never learned anything about her.


The Fabio Lanzoni Award
The best Fabio impersonator.Vince

Winner: Vince Sly
He’s got the look…and the personality.


The Russell Hantz Award
Awarded to the Survivor with the worst social game.Dan

Winner: Dan Foley
Edging out Shirin, another worthy candidate, Dan managed to anger all the women around him to the point that they almost banded together just to vote him out. His condescending attitude and superior mind-set turned most people off. Even if he made it to the end, it is unlikely he would have scored many votes.


The Erik Reichenbach Award
Recognizing the stupidest strategic move of the season.Mike Halloway

Winner: Mike Halloway.
Mike had the chance to claim the special power all for himself and then backed out. Trouble is, he already displayed his intentions to everyone and they never really forgave him. It was an all or nothing proposition.

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