Shocking Survivor twist this week

Shocking Survivor twist this week

John Powell –

A new devious twist is about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting World’s Apart Survivors.

They started in three tribes. They were switched up. They were merged. Genuine and phoney Hidden Immunity Idols popped up here and there. The World’s Apart cast has been put through the wringer thus far but not even the smartest and brightest of them all would predict the twist debuting on Wednesday’s episode.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Probst has revealed this season’s food auction is not all that it appears to be. One Survivor will be allowed to purchase not an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge or a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol but the ability to have two votes at a future Tribal Council.

It is a power that, if used correctly, could very well tip the balance of the game.

Like the Hidden Immunity Idol, the power will be secret until the person plays it at Tribal Council but unlike the Idol, nobody will know it is even in play until then or unless the owner makes it public. The new power must be used before the voting begins.

The recipient can also split the two votes and vote for two different people, if they like.

“We’ve toyed around with it for years, and it always felt like it wasn’t the right time, which is what I often say to you—it just wasn’t the right time. And it felt like the right time and it yields tremendous results. It’s a bit of power that no one will anticipate coming. And when they get it, the question becomes, now what do I do with it,” said Probst.

Survivor airs on Global at 8:00 PM, Wednesday.


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