Rating the Returnees – Part Two

Rating the Returnees – Part Two

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

With the premiere of Survivor: Cambodia just around the corner, we’re ranking the returning Castaways and we have reached our Top Ten. You can find the first half of our rankings here.


10. Kelley Wentworth – San Juan del Sur (Finished 14th)

She got the short end of the stick on San Juan del Sur and left well before her time. There was a spark there and we believe it will flourish in Cambodia. She had all the makings of a great player.


9. Keith Nale – San Juan del Sur (Finished 4th)

No matter what, Keith is just one of those players who always seems to work his way through any situation and slide on through, mostly unharmed…and he is not half bad at challenges either.


8. Tasha Fox – Cagayan (Finished 6th)

As sly as a Fox, Tasha is sharp, savvy and seems to know when the time is right to make that bold move. She could be the one who astutely maneuvers her way to the final Tribal Council.


7. Stephen Fishbach – Tocantins (Finished 2nd)

He ain’t nobody’s fool. Another cagey player. Expect big and perhaps unexpected moves.


6. Shirin Oskooi – Worlds Apart (Finished 8th)

Based on her last outing, you can bet Shirin, a proud student of the game, will be ready. Expect her to exploit this second chance for all that it is worth and to play a very strong Survivor game.


5. Andrew Savage – Pearl Islands (Finished 10th)

One of the most popular and strongest players to never win, The Savage will come out swinging, as he has much to prove.


4. Peih-Gee Law – China (Finished 5th)

A bit of a control freak, Peih-Gee makes a great ally as she is willing to take risks and doesn’t play it safe.


3. Jeff Varner – The Australian Outback (Finished 10th)

Another devious strategist, you just know Jeff is still seething over missing the jury in the way that he did on The Australian Outback. We see him as being this season’s snake, double-dealing and slithering to at least the final four.


2. Kelly Wiglesworth – Borneo (Finished 2nd)

An all-around spectacular player, unless circumstances somehow work against her, we cannot see anything stopping Kelly from rising to the top and possibly taking it all.


1. Jeremy Collins – San Juan del Sur (Finished 10th)

On San Juan del Sur, one got the feeling that Jeremy’s rise to greatness was cut short. He had the skills to win it all, but let his emotional ties and personal feuds blur his focus. We think Jeremy has the best chance at taking it all and dominating the game.

Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance premieres on September 23rd @ 8:00 pm on Global TV!


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