Rating the Returnees – Part One

Rating the Returnees – Part One

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

They’re baaaack. 20 former Survivor castaways are back in the game and in the hunt for the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

Some were outplayed and outwitted the last time around. Some had the finish line in sight but just couldn’t cross it. Below, we rate and review all of the returnees.


20. Kimmi Kappenberg – The Australian Outback (Finished 12th)

Remembered for her infamous fight with Alicia Calaway and her vegetarian lifestyle, we didn’t see much of Kimmi on the epic Australian edition. She was voted out before she even really had a chance to play. One would assume Kimmi has matured these last 14 years and it will be curious to see how she plays the game now but based on her previous Survivor stint, she is ranked at the bottom.


19. Abi-Maria Gomes – Survivor Philippines (Finished 5th)

A proven loose cannon and uneasy ally, it is very unlikely that with so much on the line anyone would trust Abi-Maria enough to partner with her. We would be very shocked if she isn’t an early boot.


18. Spencer Bledsoe – Cagayan (Finished 4th)

Although he is sharp, his scheming ways will probably not serve him well in this scenario. A player who will cause more trouble the longer you leave him in the game, Spencer is also very impetuous and both of those factors will probably lead to him visiting The Ponderosa sooner rather than later.


17. Ciera Eastin – Blood vs. Water (Finished 5th)

It will be very curious to see how Ciera plays without her mother being a distraction. Like Spencer though, Ciera can be a very impulsive player and that will probably not sit well with the others.


16. Woo Hwang – Cagayan (Finished 2nd)

A fun personality and based on his background, will certainly do well when it comes to the challenges. But Woo is not the greatest strategist Survivor has seen. Often, he follows his heart and not his head. We can see him stumbling early on.


15. Monica Padilla – Samoa (Finished 7th)

She outsmarted Russell Hantz by ruffling his feathers in Samoa, but she was just awful at challenges. She might slip by but not for long especially if she cannot bolster her challenge performances.


14. Vytas Baskauskas – Blood vs. Water (Finished 10th)

An all-around half-decent player, Vytas played a great social and strategic game during Blood vs. Water. Like Spencer though, his reputation proceeds him and others will probably be weary of him.


13. Terry Deitz – Panama (Finished 3rd)

A massive challenge threat, Terry will either be seen as a tribal asset or an obstacle by an opposing alliance. His game could go either way depending on the allies he picks.


12. Kass McQuillen – Cagayan (Finished 3rd)

Like her or not, Kass can definitely dodge and weave with the best of them. We feel, though, her luck will eventually run out and because she cannot be fully trusted due to how she played the last time out, she might make the jury but not much beyond that.


11. Joe Anglim – Survivor Worlds Apart (Finished 10th)

Once again, nice guys will finish almost last. Joe may be extremely likeable and loyal, but he is a massive threat when it comes to the jury vote. There is nothing we can see that will change this fact.

Survivor: Cambodia starts on September 23rd @ 8:00 pm on Global TV. Check this spot again the day before the premiere, for our TOP TEN returning castaways!


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