Paul still mystified by Ken

Paul still mystified by Ken

By John Powell –

After having time to ponder what went wrong and what happened on the island, castaway Paul Wachter still cannot figure out Ken. According to Paul, Ken was given many opportunities to join the core Gen X alliance but refused. Why? Paul still doesn’t know to this very day.

“He was at the bottom of the pecking order. We tried to get him into the alliance but he said that he didn’t want to be a part of it so he was definitely on the outs,” Paul told

“We would be fools not to bring him with us and we tried to bring him with us,” Paul continued. “It would be one thing if he didn’t like me, which I could understand. Ken and I talked all the time. It is not like he hated me.”

You do get those private moments, everyone is laying there and everyone is kinda quiet and you start missing your family and things of that nature can really tug on your heart strings, especially when you are thinking of home.

Paul is not bitter though towards Ken’s gameplay at all. In fact, he would have done the same thing to stay in the game.

“When you are on the outs and have an opportunity to do something, you jump to anything that will help you stay in the game. That is what I felt Ken was doing. He was going to throw me under the bus and do whatever he had to do and say whatever he had to say. It is the same thing I would have done if I was in his position. To his credit, he is still there and I am not,” said Paul as he talked more about his time on the island.

John Powell: Did you think what you said about the women in the core alliance would have the effect that it did?

Paul Wachter: I had no idea how the way the game might be in the future was going to affect that vote at that minute. We were not talking about that situation that day. We were talking about the future of the alliance. I opened my mouth and said something stupid and I shouldn’t have.

John Powell: Did you ever get to address what you had said or did people just run with it?

Paul Wachter: We had no idea the women were running with it because Chris and Bret were as shocked as I was when Probst announced the vote so I cannot wait to see next week what happens when they get back to camp.

The way it played out was we all talked about it. This was a passing note. It wasn’t a big deal. The women were not shocked or overwhelmed by it. We had talked about all of these things beforehand. The way it looks is I said this one thing and it turned the tide on everything.

In reality, Jessica tends to overanalyze everything. I think you will see that coming up. She worries about every aspect of the game then again, maybe I didn’t worry enough.

John Powell: Who do you think will step up now that you are gone?

Paul Wachter: I think probably Bret or Chris would perhaps jump in. Lucy though could just as easily do the same thing. She has a big personality and she looks quiet but she will stand up for herself. I am really not sure what is going to happen.

John Powell: We saw what effect the environment had on your physical well-being, what else surprised you about the experience?

Paul Wachter: The physical elements are worse than you could ever imagine. Survivor is for real. You are really out there surviving, starving and with gameplay on top of that, it is harsh. You do get those private moments, everyone is laying there and everyone is kinda quiet and you start missing your family and things of that nature can really tug on your heart strings, especially when you are thinking of home.

John Powell: You were the public leader, the face of the Gen X tribe. Was that position forced upon you or did you volunteer?

Paul Wachter: That’s a really good question. I have been a natural born leader my whole life. That is all I do. I really cannot help it. I take charge. I am used to it. It comes very natural to me. What I perceived as trying to help the tribe was sometimes seen as being bossy.

You have to remember, we have a lot of Type A personalities out there and nobody wants to listen to orders especially from some old man like me. (Laughs) Sometimes I do come across as being a bossy person but the other side of that is, we had to get certain things done. I felt like if nobody was going to jump in, maybe I should.

John Powell: Were you happy with the tribal split down generational lines?

Paul Wachter: I was desperate to make it to the merge so I could connect with the Millennials. You put a bunch of same apples in the same basket and eventually one of the apples is going to revolt. The Millennials are doing the same thing. They voted off Mari with no real rhyme or reason. No real answers as to why they did it. She didn’t even get the boss factor like I got. I felt horrible for her.

John Powell: Looking at your edit is there anything you wish fans to know?

Paul Wachter: I wish they would have showed how the alliances worked. A lot of people think I formed the alliance and I didn’t.

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