No bitterness from devastated Michaela

No bitterness from devastated Michaela
Michaela Bradshaw Dishes On Her Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Experience

By John Powell –

She was a victim of one of the biggest blindsides in Survivor history. Betrayed by her own allies in an unforgettable Tribal Council, Michaela Bradshaw was furious and heart-broken.

A Survivor who wore her heart on her sleeve always and had more determination and drive than many castaways in recent memory, Michaela left her mark on the series and with fans.

Speaking with, Michaela admits she still feels the burn of that blindside.

“It is just so hard for me as a competitor to be okay with a loss. If I have the chance to do it again, I want to give it my best shot and see how far I can go.”

“In the moment, I was devastated. I felt so betrayed by Jay. I just saw red for a few minutes after I got voted off. Losses though are a part of playing any game,” she said revealing she regrets mapping out her entire plan to the other tribe mates which set herself up to be considered a big threat in the game.

In the heat of the moment, Michaela thought about ratting out Jay but her better nature prevailed.


“I thought of that but in the moment it wasn’t something in my character to do. When you are playing a game where someone has to go, you cannot get mad when it is your turn. If I was going to reveal that Jay had the Idol, it should have been a strategic move to keep myself safe. To me, it would just be bitter to wait until your game is over and then try to ruin someone else’s game,” she explained.

Michaela says she was so shocked by what happened, the entire situation threw her for a loop. She forgot her torch while approaching Jeff Probst to have it snuffed and then forgot her bag. The one thing she later learned was to respect Jay and Will for the big move they made.

“Jay is a strong person. He is a bold person. If you do something like that to betray someone, especially someone like me, the least you can do is admit it. I don’t respect a liar or a coward,” she said moving past the epic Tribal Council and into the rest of her time on the island.

John Powell: You seem to be a really up-front and honest person. Those qualities are great in real-life but can be a big disadvantage in Survivor. Do you feel you shared too much in the game?

Michaela Bradshaw: “You hit the nail right on the head. It is great in real life but in Survivor there are certain things you need to keep to yourself. I don’t think certain comments I made at challenges played into anything because in that environment I was just saying things that everyone else was thinking. That kinda gives other people satisfaction. However, revealing plans, talking about who to vote off and stuff like that, let people know I am not just some dumb jock. I am intelligent and articulate and strategic. That was my issue. Talking strategy so early and thinking too far ahead.”

John Powell: Your evolution as a person and a player on the show was one of the very best stories of this season. Describe for us how that all came to be.

Michaela Bradshaw: “Since Day One on Millennial beach, I was at the bottom. That is why I wasn’t talking because nobody was talking to me. There were no conversations to film with Michaela the first three days. (Laughs) The way I handled that situation was for whatever reason, people don’t trust me so instead of running up on them, I am just going to sit back and observe, wait until I have information and then start sharing that with people. At that point, they will see there is truth in what I am saying. That is the way I played it and thank goodness we won that first Immunity Challenge because that gave me a few days to fix the problems.”

John Powell: You are certainly one of the most popular and inspirational castaways we have seen in years. How has the public reaction been for you back in the real world?

Michaela Bradshaw: “The weirdest place I have been recognized so far is at the bathroom in the airport! This woman came out of a stall, I was going in and she just gave me this weird smile. I was like…I am not going in the stall she just came out of. (Laughs) Then, when I came out of the bathroom she was waiting for me! People have been walking up to me and asking to take a picture with me. I think it is wonderful and great! It is so nice to bring some happiness and joy to those people.”

John Powell: Last week, Figgy told us…”Michaela and I are so alike. I know it doesn’t seem like it when you watch it but we have both been through so much. She has worked her ass off in life and I have as well. You only saw two minutes of us fighting. We fought all day long. It was never-ending. The problem was the tribe has two head-strong people up against each other. Neither of us were going to back away.”

Do you agree with Figgy’s assessment of things?

Michaela Bradshaw: “I just look at everyone like a character. You do get closer to people after the fact and other people you don’t necessarily talk to as much. I don’t feel like I know a lot about Figgy and her background. She knows herself and everyone pretty much knows me so if she feels we have things in common, we probably do. There are no hard feelings. There is no ill will. We both understand it was just a game.”

John Powell: Is there anything we didn’t see on the show that you wish the producers would have aired?

Michaela Bradshaw: “If anything, it would have been cool to show the advancement of my relationship with Hannah because she was the person who I started getting really close to. The main reason I had an issue with Figgy was I had heard she was bulling Hannah. There are certain things I don’t put up with so I was like…You are going to get big on Hannah? I am going to get big on you. That is where that rivalry started.”

John Powell: It sounds like you have grown and learned a lot about yourself due to your Survivor experience. How did it change you?

Michaela Bradshaw: “I am a very honest and up-front person but there is a time and a place for everything. Honesty is always right but you don’t have to say everything that crosses your mind. That is something I am working on. Also, I am working on the ability to interact with people that I am not really feeling at that moment. I need to keep relationships going because you never know when you are going to need someone. Then, there is also the need to take action. Had I taken action after that loss maybe that would have sparked a deal with Bret and Sunday instead of me putting everything on cruise control and assuming things would go well.”

John Powell: I know many would love to see you play again. Would you do so if asked?

Michaela Bradshaw: “I will definitely do it again! When you are on the island, you are like, I will never do this again but when you leave too early, you think of the things you could have done better. It is just so hard for me as a competitor to be okay with a loss. If I have the chance to do it again, I want to give it my best shot and see how far I can go.”

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