Most memorable blue, white, no collar Survivors of all-time

Most memorable blue, white, no collar Survivors of all-time
Check out our list of Survivor's most memorable blue collar, white collar and no collar castaways from seasons past.

Most memorable blue, white, no collar Survivors

By John Powell –

Over its 15 year history, Survivor has had its fair share of corporate, working class and rebellious personalities that we have all come to love or come to hate. With ‘Worlds Apart’ putting all three social classes against one another, we take a look back at the most memorable representatives and what they brought to the series.

White Collar

These natives of the corporate world brought their inherit skills with them to survive in one of the most cut-throat games of them all.


5. Shii-Ann Huang

This wily and crafty executive recruiter earned her nickname ‘Shi Devil’.


4. Andrew Savage

An intellectual property attorney at a major Chicago law firm during his stint on the series, Savage ran the Morgan Tribe like would any boardroom or courtroom. Dude even made his business jacket part of his Survivor wardrobe.


3. John Cochran

The Harvard law student and super fan, Cochran couldn’t hide his Ivy League and affluent background from shining through.


2. Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen

For this California attorney the island became her courtroom. Throughout the series she thought herself smarter and more precise, focused than any of her rivals and showed very little loyalty, doing whatever it took to get ahead in the game.


1. Richard Hatch

His entire Survivor strategy from start to stop was pulled from his corporate history and experience. Although some of his daily behaviour may be far from corporate, his gameplay certainly was at all times.

Honourable Mentions:Shane Powers, B.B. Andersen, Stacey Stillman, Carl Bilancione, Yul Kwon, Peih-Gee Law, Mike Skupin, Paschal English, John Palyok, Caryn Groedel and Jolanda Jones.

Blue Collar

These working class, down to earth folk brought a lot of character and colour to the series.


5. Tom Westman

This New York City firefighter won Palau not only because of his alliances, but his solid work ethic, leadership skills which propelled Koror to dominate the game.


4. Tom Buchanan

Who could ever forget Big Tom? The goat and cattle farmer was as an authentic a personality as you will ever see on Survivor, for good and at times for bad.


3. Susan Hawk

Blue collar to the bone, Susan Hawk, a truck driver during the very first season of Survivor, never minced her words or smoothed out her rough edges.


2. Rupert Boneham

Although you could probably put him in the rebels category as well, the teen mentor always carried himself with that working man vibe and salt of the earth values.


1. Rob Mariano

Never afraid to get his hands dirty, the coach and construction foreman had the brains to go along with his brawn.

Honourable Mentions: Terry Deitz, Twila Tanner, James Miller, Steve “Chicken” Morris, James Clement, James “J.T.” Thomas, Jr., Tony Vlachos, Zoe Zanidakis, Dolly Neely and Chris Daugherty.


These players walked to the beat of their own drummer. Rules? They were meant to be broken. Expectations? They were meant to be shattered. Love them or hate them, you will never forget them.


5. Courtney Marit

Free-spirited doesn’t even begin to describe this fiery a performance artist who was often in her own little world at times. Her nickname was conflict.


4. Anh-Tuan “Cao Boi” Bui

A fascinating, eclectic personality, Cao Boi not only claims to have been inspired to formulate the split vote strategy from a dream he had but he rarely filtered his thoughts or feelings, stirring up controversy time and time again.


3. Courtney Yates

Her razor-sharp tongue and sly ways had this unassuming waitress rocking the boat during her season. A nomad drifting from job to job, lifestyle to lifestyle, Courtney lives life on her terms.


2. Greg Buis

Coconut phone and pick a number jury vote. That is all you need to know about the enigma that was Greg Buis.


1. Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth

Survivor’s resident jungle boy has lived off the land, moved over 10 times in his lifetime and can scale a tree or cliff like Spider-Man.

Honourable Mentions: Linda Spencer, Kelly Wiglesworth, Lex van den Berghe, Robb Zbacnik, Janu Tornell, Aras Baskauskas, Tyson Apostol, Benjamin “Coach” Wade, Jud “Fabio” Birza, Yung “Woo” Hwang, Angie Jakusz and Bruce Kanegai.


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