Michelle: Going silent was my mistake

Michelle: Going silent was my mistake
Michelle Schubert Dishes On Her Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Experience

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She almost had it all. Michelle Schubert was definitely one of the front-runners this season with many pundits and fans alike predicting she would make the final three and even win. Her unexpected departure last night definitely threw some fans for a loop as well as Michelle herself.

“I almost turned to Jay and asked for his Idol. I know he would have given it to me if he was convinced that I was the one being targeted. I am not sure I could have convinced him but I would have tried,” she said.

As she describes it, Michelle didn’t feel safe at all going into Tribal Council and once there sensed the vote was going against her.

“I was not comfortable going into Tribal Council because that was the first vote I wasn’t controlling the relationship aspect of the strategy. I wasn’t the one looking people in the eye and making deals. I trust myself to do that more than anyone else because I want to be the one judging people’s reactions and tone of voice. Throughout Tribal Council and reading between the lines, I started to get worried as things were not going the way I wanted them to. I knew it was going towards me,” she said as she recalled that night and the rest of her time on Survivor.

My vote though is going to go to who is the most strategic player. The person who is making alliances and knows when to cut and keep alliances. It also has to be someone I can respect. That is my criteria for a winner.

John Powell: Were you aware that there was a shift in the Tribal politics? Did you let your guard down?

Michelle Schubert: “My downfall was deciding to go silent and thinking that was the best move to stay under the radar. I didn’t want to be seen as a threat after the merger. I hate that I went silent because it took me out of all those conversations; it took me out of knowing where other people were starting to align and where their trust was. It took me out of all of those conversations.”

John Powell: We have seen you shift the tribal dynamics before. If you could go back what would you do differently?

Michelle Schubert: “I would have just kept talking and strategizing. If I had kept myself in those conversations, kept doing what I had being doing up until that point in the game, one of two things would have happened. I would have rallied troops against Chris or I would have still imminent danger sticking with Taylor and would have jumped on another ship or train. I am not sure how that would have all played out.”

John Powell: Did you ever think that either Jay or Taylor were liabilities and was it frustrating at all to play with them or easy going?

Michelle Schubert: “It was easy working with them. I liked both of them. They were cool guys. They were easy to get along with. I honestly thought it was good to have Taylor around because if the others are going to turn against us, they would go for him, right?

John Powell: Well, yeah, it is great to have a shield around if you can because it takes the target off your back.

Michelle Schubert: “That was my thinking. (Laughs).

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John Powell: You are the first juror. Did you have a sense of pride that your made it that far and what was your approach in being a juror?

Michelle Schubert: “I was super happy to make it to the jury. I know my job moving forward is going to be watching out for who is playing the best game. It is not about whom I like the best or who I want to hang out with after the show. My vote is going to go to who I think played the best strategic game.”

John Powell: Now that you have been able to watch the series, is there anything viewers didn’t see that you wish they had?

Michelle Schubert: “There were some strategy things but there were also the fun things people didn’t get to see that I wish would have been shown. Hanging out with the Millennials pre-swap was hilarious! One night we built a huge bonfire on the beach twice the size of a person! We did a fake Tribal Council where Adam pretended to be Jeff Probst to stir up drama. (Laughs) It would have been fun for people to see.”

John Powell: What surprised you most about the experience?

Michelle Schubert: “I didn’t realize how cold I was going to be at night. You think…Fiji! That sounds nice! (Laughs) When you factor in that you are pretty much damp all of the time and there is wind blowing because you are right where the tide is coming in and you don’t have a coat, the cold was the most surprising thing to me.”

John Powell: Based on what you saw and experienced out there, who do you think is playing the best game and why?

Michelle Schubert: “That is tough. My closest alliance was with Jay and I would love to see him win. My vote though is going to go to who is the most strategic player. The person who is making alliances and knows when to cut and keep alliances. It also has to be someone I can respect. That is my criteria for a winner. I do hope it is my alliance member, Jay.”

John Powell: What is next for Michelle? Is there anything fans should be aware of?

Michelle Schubert: “I love what I do. Working with Pioneer Bible Translators is definitely my calling as of now so I plan to keep doing that.”

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