Mari: Figgy targeted Jay

Mari: Figgy targeted Jay

By John Powell –

It is bad enough to be blind-sided in Survivor but it is even worse to be a die-hard gamer and get snaked by an alliance calling themselves, of all things, “The Triforce”. It is enough to make you want to tear up all your vintage issues of Nintendo Power.

Pro-gamer and digital, YouTube superstar Mari Takahashi is still feeling salty after being targeted by the dominant alliance at Vanua.

“The whole Triforce thing irks me in a lot of different ways. Firstly, they are calling themselves Triforce and not even referencing Zelda. Secondly, they are a group of four people calling themselves a Triforce, which also doesn’t make sense to me. I think they need to study up on their root words,” she laughed as she spoke to

I felt like I was stripped of everything that used to be me. I became a person that had to be a certain way to bond with everybody. To me, that person was an outcast, 14-year-old, freshman year high school student. That is how I felt on the island.

What viewers might not also know about the Triforce is that things are not what they seem and the alliance could already be fracturing from within. While Figgy and Michaela were targets, Figgy because she was playing too hard and Michaela because she just wasn’t really matching the vibe of the tribe, Jay’s name was also mentioned before that long hike to Tribal Council.

“During the day, a lot of names were thrown around; including Jay’s which was thrown out by Figgy, herself. Figgy saw him as a threat and started mentioning his name which made Jay really upset and that is the reason why you saw Jay and Zeke talking about getting Figgy out,” Mari revealed as she spoke more about her Survivor experience with us.

John Powell: What do you think went wrong for you out on the island as far as the game is concerned?

Mari Takahashi: Honestly, nobody goes into tribal fully confident. I certainly wasn’t. My mistake was not due to cockiness. It was being naïve.

When Jeff (Probst) notified us that there was a side conversation happening and he asked me what was going on instead of being assertive and aggressive and asking straight-up…Hey, guys. What is happening? Let’s talk about this….I was naïve enough to think Hannah was just nervous and confiding in the person next to her.

John Powell: Do you feel betrayed by her?

Mari Takahashi: Hannah at the moment is a wild card. I don’t feel betrayed. Hannah learned of how the vote was going at Tribal Council. Before that, she had no clue. At the end of the day, she did not have the votes that ultimately got me booted off the island. They already had the numbers and she voted in a way that kept her safe that night. Honestly, that is good gameplay in my book.

John Powell: Why do you think everyone seems to be tolerating the Triforce when they are an obvious alliance and a threat?

Mari Takahashi: Taylor is ultimately safe at the moment because of the physical challenges. They need Taylor and they need Jay. They are both in that sweet spot during the beginning portion of Survivor where they are kinda safe because they are the big strong guys on the team.

Michelle is the one who really made the moves in that episode. It wasn’t Figgy making moves to keep her head off the chopping block. It was Michelle and she was smart about it because in that four person alliance, if Figgy goes then the next person to go is Michelle. Nobody is going to take down Jay or Tay right now.

John Powell: In gaming, we play against faceless opponents online or against A.I. characters. How was it different to be in a social game against real people, face to face?

Mari Takahashi: It was a shock to me. I play a lot of board games where the objective is to lie like in Werewolf or Secret Hitler. In those games, lying is celebrated and everyone has fun doing it. The thing with Survivor is that it is a brilliant game in which game life and real life start to mix. Because you are so far removed from everything else in your entire life, game becomes your life. That is where I was having a hard time and walking that line.

It was almost like Stockholm Syndrome. To me, there were just nine people in the entire world and I felt like I was stripped of everything that used to be me. I became a person that had to be a certain way to bond with everybody. To me, that person was an outcast, 14-year-old, freshman year high school student. That is how I felt on the island. Okay, I will side with the freaks and geeks because that is where I belong. I am not popular and pretty. That is just how it kinda went.

I really do think that Survivor is a reflection of our society and how we operate as humans. Whether it is wrong or right, that is how we do it.

John Powell: What surprised you the most about the experience?

Mari Takahashi: I suppose it was my own mental state. I didn’t feel broken. I felt like I was raw and stripped of what I knew to be me. I was like a shadow of myself. It was almost like an out-of-body experience where I was watching someone puppeteer me on that island.

John Powell: What did you think of the tribes being divided by generations and would you rather have been on a mixed tribe?

Mari Takahashi: I think I would have done better with a mixed tribe. At the same time though, I do like the theme. I am very much a proud Millennial. I have core Gen-X values coming from a strict classical ballet background. I understand the values of earning your stripes and earning your place in this world. I am also confident and proud that I am a Millennial and Peter Pan is my god. Dreams are as big as you want to make them and they are achievable as we have all the tools that are required through the Internet.


John Powell: Examining your edit, is there anything you wish they would have showed?

Mari Takahashi: I made a really cool spear and I went crabbing. I should have brought that spear to Tribal. I could have brought it home. (Laughs)

John Powell: If you had to compare Survivor to one video game or series, what would it be?

Mari Takahashi: It would be something extremely intense and something very immersive maybe like World of Warcraft because there is so much to it. Also, something like Uncharted or Tomb Raider as they are such big adventures.

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