Lucy stunned by David’s move

Lucy stunned by David’s move

By John Powell –

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how great your Survivor game is, everything can go up in smoke when that Hidden Immunity Idol is played. From out of nowhere Lucy Huang and the majority of the Takali (Gen-X) Tribe had the rug pulled out from under them when David used his Hidden Immunity Idol to save Jessica and in turn, doomed Lucy.

Lucy is still confused by David’s move to use his Hidden Immunity Idol so early on in the game, especially since he wasn’t a target.

“It shocked everyone. There was no reason to really use it. I didn’t think that I was a big threat at all. I was taking care of him. They didn’t show a lot of the footage as far as my role at the camp. I was the cook. I took care of them, especially David because he was just dwindling away. I would give him more portions of food. I was motherly to him,” Lucy told as she spoke about David, Ken and her regrets.

John Powell: Can you give us more insight into Ken? Last week, Paul said no matter how the core alliance tried, he would never side with them. What’s his deal?

Lucy Huang: Ken needs to be asked…”How do you feel about this or that?” He is very emotional. You have to talk things out with him. Most of us were…”Just tell me what to do. We all just want to stay in the game. Let’s all move forward and let’s all agree.” Ken needs constant confirmation.

John Powell: From the footage we saw, you are a very straight-forward personality, a very logical person while Ken seems to be the complete opposite. How do you compensate for that?

Lucy Huang: It is very difficult because I am a very task-oriented person. Like, these are the facts, this is what we need, let’s move forward. I know how I work and how I train managers. Everyone has valid emotions but you cannot make all of your business decisions based on emotion.

I have always been…Let’s take all the emotions out so dealing with Ken was hard for me because I thought I was doing them a favour. Here is some information. Here is who we should be voting for. Instead, all of that backfired because I said that they shouldn’t talk to anyone before the vote. The reason I said that was I knew once people started talking, a lot of chaos and confusion would start and we don’t have that much time before Tribal.

John Powell: Did you have the opportunity to speak to Ken and iron things out, explain to him what you really meant?

Lucy Huang: Actually, they didn’t show it but before Tribal I was able to approach Ken and I apologized for my insensitivity. I could have worded things differently and asked for his opinion. That situation is my biggest regret. I could have delivered the same message but differently. That might have been a game-changer.


John Powell: What happened between you and Jessica? You seem to be aligned closely when the women of the tribe took out Paul last week. What Paul told us is that Jessica is very paranoid all the time.

Lucy Huang: I think she knew what she was doing. I didn’t buy the fact that she said she is just housewife and a photographer.

After Paul was voted out, she started planting insecurities in my and Sunday’s head. She kept talking about the hierarchy and that the women are four, five and six. It was like…Why are you telling us this right now? This is not pertinent information. This is not helping right now.

She was being very girlish and catty. I didn’t appreciate that. I feel she was doing that because she wanted us to latch onto her.

John Powell: Would you rather have been part of a mixed tribe or were you happy with the division?

Lucy Huang: I think I would rather have had a bunch of mixed people. My generation seemed to be too paranoid and everyone was so controlling. Everyone thinks their way is the best way. Everyone sees things through their life experiences.

With the Millennials, they are more free spirited. They haven’t had the opportunity to be jaded yet. The older folks have been through so much more. The younger ones are still free and open. They are still able to experience things in a different way.

John Powell: Coming back home, how did the game change you as a person?

Lucy Huang: It helped me grow as a person. I realized that my husband always tells me I am bossy and I never take a break and I am too intense. There is no way of doing it half-assed. I put all of myself into everything. There is no relaxation. Being away, I was able to say…Hey, everything can still go on perfectly fine without me. I don’t have control everything. Right now, I have stopped competing and even changed my kids’ schedules so they are aligned better with my own.

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