Josh Canfield: rooting for Reed from the jury

Josh Canfield: rooting for Reed from the jury

If Survivor contestant Josh Canfield he was to star in Survivor: The Musical, he says that his solo number should be called, ’Why Julie, Why?’ and the reprise would be called ‘Jon and Jaclyn Pick a Side Already!’

One half of the charismatic and strategic team #BroadwayBoyfriends, we watched him feud with nemesis Jeremy, get backstabbed by Baylor and become the first member of the Survivor: San Juan del Sur jury.

Julie’s decision to leave the game had an impact of Josh. Did he know that Julie was in such a fragile state and did he make any attempts to talk to her? Josh confesses, “I didn’t know at that specific time that she was in that fragile of a state. At the time of the rainstorm, I knew then that she was very close to quitting and had it not been for Reed that night, she would have quit. Julie and I never had a close relationship so I don’t know if it would have helped if I had tried to talk her off the ledge. It was really a shock to me.”

And with no Tribal Council that night, Josh knew his days were numbered, “When Jeff said that she quit, I was like ‘Oh, its fine. I don’t really care – technically because she wasn’t in my alliance’ but when Jeff said there would be no Tribal Council, I was like ‘Oh no! I knew that our alliance with Jon and Jaclyn wouldn’t last another 3 days’.”

Things can change so quickly on the island but the one thing Josh couldn’t change was Baylor’s mind on who to side with. Was there anything he could have said or done to win her back? Josh says, “I think our conversation was misconstrued. I wasn’t trying to get her back on my side in that conversation. I was basically scolding her. She was already a lost cause because from day one of the merge when Missy dug her nails into Baylor. I just wanted Baylor to know what she had done because she is very young and I wanted her to realize that I had saved her many times in the game and now the first chance she gets; she’s going to vote for me. I just wanted her to know that was a villain move. She doesn’t know Survivor very well”.

Jon and Jaclyn have emerged as the swing vote couple – was there ever any discussion to break them up and blindside Jon? Josh explains, “We didn’t have the numbers to do that. No one from the other alliance would have jumped at that. At the time, Jon didn’t really seem to be that big of a threat. He wasn’t doing much in challenges or strategizing. He was always in the middle, not part of anyone’s alliance. People wanted them for numbers.”

With Josh gone, it seems that his alliance is now in jeopardy. How will they survive without him, especially boyfriend Reed? Josh is not worried, “As I had left that night, I was looking forward to seeing what Reed would do because in a sense, it frees him up now that I’m gone. The threat of us being together is no longer there and everyone was concerned about me, not him. It may free him up to do some cool stuff in the game because he’s a very smart guy and very strategic. He hasn’t gotten the chance to show it.”

As the first member of Jury, Josh will be judging silently from the sidelines. Is he using his time wisely to craft his questions to the finalists? Josh admits, “I thought about it a lot. I wrote it down. I changed things. I thought about it and wrote something else. It was my last chance to say something on the show. I want to make sure that I knew what I was saying and that it means something.”

How things with Reed are now post Survivor? Josh says, “It has made us stronger because when you go through something like Survivor – you’re out there with barely any food, you’re sleeping on really hard ground and going to the bathroom in the woods. Its extreme conditions and we talked about this on the island and a lot after like “Man, we’ve gone through the worst and seen each other at our worst and we can take on anything this world brings to us.”

[Side note: We loved Josh and Reed’s Amazing Race twinnie Halloween costumes. Could this be a hint to what’s ahead?]

Josh and Reed of Survivor dress up as Amazing Race twinnies - Halloween

Photo credit: Twitter: @joshuacanfield

Josh admits, “I’m never going to say no to the possibility of future endeavors with CBS so I’ll keep the options open.”

Looking forward to seeing a cleaned up version of Josh on the jury in the remaining episodes of Survivor: San Juan del Sur.


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