How Tony Vlachos can win Survivor: Cagayan in 4 easy steps

How Tony Vlachos can win Survivor: Cagayan in 4 easy steps

In this article: two-time castaway Rob Cesternino lays out a road map that Tony can follow to win Survivor: Cagayan

This season of Survivor keeps on delivering as this week we saw the game’s biggest swing yet. Tony’s big move sent shock waves all over Twitter and social media: some fans thought it was a stroke of genius, while others thought Tony threw the game away. Personally, I think Tony made the right decision. What I like about his move is that I really felt like LJ always had the inside track to win. If Tony kept LJ, there was a straighter path to get to the finals, but it was a path with a huge horse-training roadblock in the way.

Instead, Tony has now blown everything up, making the entire game up for grabs. There are still plenty of opportunities for Tony to make it to the end, but he’s certainly going to have his work cut out for him. Since I appreciate all the excitement Tony has given me this season, I decided to be a nice guy and lay out the road map that Tony can follow to win Survivor: Cagayan.

Step 1: Do damage control with Trish

Tony talked to Trish before the big vote and told her his story about LJ targeting Woo. Trish wasn’t buying it and Tony didn’t bring her in on the plan to blindside LJ. Trish and LJ were close so I bet she’s going to be upset (we’ve also seen that Trish can have a bit of a temper too). That being said, Tony is still her longtime ally and he can likely smooth things over with her. Tony needs to make sure she’s back on board for a final three deal with Tony and Woo.

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Step 2: Stick with Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha to vote out Jefra next

LJ got blindsided because Tony flipped and Jefra is not going to be happy about this. If Jefra has an outburst after Tribal Council, it makes Tony’s job easier to make her the next target. From the looks of the previews, Jefra wants Tony to go next. If she’s not willing to work with Tony, she’s too valuable as a vote for the other side. Tony needs to stay aligned with Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha to send Jefra out next.

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Step 3: Sell Chaos Kass on the Final Four

This is the trickiest part of the plan because Kass could conceivably reunite with Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah here, when there are seven people left. The key to appealing to Kass would have to be to remind her that only Tony has flipped more than she has, so he would be less popular with the jury. If Kass buys in, the group of Tony, Woo, Kass and Trish can move on to the final four. Once they get to four, it’s time to cut Kass loose.

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Step 4: Give the speech of his life

Once Tony finds himself in the final three with Woo and Trish, it’s time to tell the jury what a kickass game he’s just played. Woo, while extremely likable, will be seen as the guy who played in Tony’s shadow the whole game. Trish will certainly get a vote from LJ but she may not be seen as someone with enough of a resume to win. If Tony can keep things from getting too personal the rest of the way, he can solidly make his case to the jury that he played the best game this season.

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Do I think any of it will actually go down like this? Of course not– this is the craziest Survivor season we’ve had in years! I can’t wait to see what Tony’s next move is because he’s kept us guessing all season. Let me know what you think of my roadmap for Tony in the comments and I’ll talk to you again next week.


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