Figgy: Figtales is no more

Figgy: Figtales is no more

By John Powell –

On the show and in the outside world, FigTales is no more.

Last night, viewers saw Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa voted out of the game when Adam flipped sides, leaving her showmance Taylor Lee Stocker all on his lonesome and outnumbered on the Takali Tribe.

Not only was FigTales doomed in the Survivor game but according to Figgy, things didn’t work out in the real world after the show either. They dated for a couple of months and then things ended.

“Figtales is no more. I fell for Taylor. I really did but there were things I learned in the real world about him, things I didn’t know on the island that led to us not being together any more. There were just real life situations that got in the way,” Figgy told

“I am going to play again one day. I am banking on it and everyone will get to see the best version of myself out there that you didn’t get to see this time.”

Figgy didn’t realize how deeply she had fallen for Taylor until she was voted out and they were separated.

“Originally, it was my strategy to have both guys (Taylor and Jay) under my arms and I did but then I actually started falling for Taylor. I tried to figure out how to backtrack but I couldn’t. I couldn’t help my feelings and I couldn’t ignore how I felt,” she recalled.

Although she had genuine feelings for Taylor, she could not ignore the fact that he was very difficult to work with but at the same time very obedient.

“Not to be mean but Taylor pretty much is dumber than a box of rocks. Actually, that box of rocks may be smarter than Taylor. (Laughs) Taylor listened to everything I said. He would do whatever I said. If I said…Go flirt with Ken. He would smack Ken on the ass. He did everything I wanted. We aren’t together anymore so I am not trying to sound all evil or anything, I am just telling it like it was. He did whatever I said,” said Figgy.


The way Figgy sees it in Figtales, she was Boston Rob and Taylor was Amber.

“I don’t mean to compare us to them by any means, we were never, ever as powerful as them but I would label me as the Boston Rob, one hundred percent. I was the strategist. I was the one who did all the thinking. All he did was sit there bat his blue eyes and snowboard down the sand. That is exactly what he did,” said Figgy as our chat turned away from Figtales and delved into the rest of her time on Survivor.

John Powell: You have spoken about your harsh childhood growing up and I can sympathize with that as well. Do you think growing up in that way gave you a thick skin and that served you well on the island?

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa: “You have to have a thick skin to play this game. If you don’t have a thick skin, you should just stay home. I give the example of Hannah. She is not taking the game very well. It is slowly killing her as a player when I watch her. You cannot go on Survivor and let the game take over. Having been through this stuff in my life, it is crazy but it has given me a thick skin and I had to grow up really quick. Ken is like…I have been around the block…but I have been around the block and a half. I am a total people person, regardless of the whole showmance thing; people didn’t get to see my personality blossom.”

John Powell: You have been a fan of the show for some time. What surprised you the most about the experience?

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa: “What surprised me the most was probably underestimating the paranoia out there. I didn’t expect all of that paranoia. The player you are seeing the most paranoid is David but I can defend him in that regard because I was so paranoid as well when I was on the island too.”


John Powell: You have been able to watch the episodes as we have and seen your edit. Is there anything you wish the producers would have included?

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa: “One thing that I wish would have been shown was me spear fishing. Catching them, gutting them and eating them was the most amazing experience ever! Going into the ocean and hunting my own food was incredible! It was insane! I have never done anything like that before.”

“Zeke said it the best. He said that he was the best version of himself on the island. That is what the game does for you. You become the best version of yourself and that is what it did for me. Viewers got to see the relationship I was in but nobody got to see the best version of myself out there.”

“I am going to play again one day. I am banking on it and everyone will get to see the best version of myself out there that you didn’t get to see this time.”

John Powell: If you did get that second chance, what would you do differently?

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa: “The only thing that I would do is learn more about someone before forming an alliance with them. Cough. Cough. Taylor.”

“Taylor just couldn’t get it together. You say that you are not there for the million dollars? You are there for the experience? Okay, awesome buddy! You are there for the experience? You can go now. Volunteer as tribute like Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games and peace out, because there are people who want to pay the game. You can go into the woods and have an experience on your own. I was there to make my family’s lives better and my own life better.”

John Powell: We saw Michaela offer help to Vanua but not Takali at the Immunity Challenge. Do you have any insight into why she did that? Was it a personal move?

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa: “My take on things is Michaela is anti-Figgy. It is not anti-Figtales. It is anti-Figgy. She can bullcrap it and say…Oh, Vanua doesn’t have the Millennial numbers and if you three cannot figure out a way to work together then you deserve to go home. That is not what it was. It was because she didn’t like me.”

“Let’s keep it real. Ikabula had four Millennials and two Gen-Xers. If you do the math, you can afford to lose two Immunity Challenges. If she really wanted to keep the Millennial numbers, you had every chance to throw a challenge, sister, and she did not.”

“I know for a damn fact that they were not worried about those numbers anymore. Every time they would walk up, you knew they were all working together. I knew then and there, there was no pact any more. That is my theory, she just wanted one of us at Takali to go home and it was me.”

John Powell: I thought you guys had ironed out your issues; at least it appeared that way. Why couldn’t you guys get along?

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa: “Michaela and I are so alike. I know it doesn’t seem like it when you watch it but we have both been through so much. She has worked her ass off in life and I have as well. You only saw two minutes of us fighting. We fought all day long. It was never-ending. The problem was the tribe has two head-strong people up against each other. Neither of us were going to back away. We both wanted the last word. We both wanted to win. That is the kind of heart you need to win Survivor.”

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