Drew Christy: I made a lot of mistakes

Drew Christy: I made a lot of mistakes
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Like a student who flunked his mid-term exam, Drew Christy wishes he had done his Survivor homework before he headed out to the island. As he told GlobalTV.com, Drew has many regrets about not only the strategy he employed and the tactics he used but also some of the social interactions seen on the show, some of which, he is not proud of.

John Powell: Things were going so well for your tribe. You were clearly dominating the game. Why throw a challenge and jeopardize all of that?

“We were the ones talking about throwing the challenge and voting out Reed or Julie the next vote.”

Drew Christy: There were a lot of different factors that made that come to pass. I was trying to prove to my alliance that I was definitely in it with them. I don’t know if you noticed but both Jon and Jeremy sat out of that challenge. They were both in it with me. If you are paying attention, you know they are both some of the strongest physical competitors that we had, especially in a swimming challenge like that. I wanted to prove to them that I would throw that. It ended up being a big mistake and it didn’t pan out like I wanted it to.

John Powell: Did people know you were throwing it?

Drew Christy: The people on my tribe didn’t know and didn’t find out except the people I planned it with, which was Jon, Jeremy and Natalie. We were the ones talking about throwing the challenge and voting out Reed or Julie the next vote. That was the night before I went to Exile Island. When it came time for the challenge, there wasn’t much discussion and it just played out that way. They sat out and I had the opportunity to throw the challenge and nobody else knew.

John Powell: What was it about Kelley that convinced you not to trust her?

Drew Christy: My opinion of Kelley was she was very observant. She knew what was going on. She watched every episode. She was very manipulative. I knew she was gunning for some of the best players, which were Jon and myself. We had an alliance going on. I knew she was after us because she told me that and there was a lot of energy I felt from her. I just didn’t completely ever trust her. She was talking to me with a snake tongue. I just didn’t really trust her at all. I knew she was going to swing the girls to vote for Jon or I. I kinda over-reacted.

John Powell: A fan named Robyn Gauthier wants to know…Why were you so scared of an all-girls alliance?

“There are a lot of things that I said or did that I deeply regret.”

Drew Christy: It really was the fact that none of the guys could agree on who to vote out. The day before everything was different. Everyone’s opinion was different. Jeremy wanted to vote Keith. I wanted to vote out Kelley. Jon wanted to vote out Julie. Keith and Reed were pretty indifferent. I knew with everyone not agreeing, Reed kinda being swayed by the girls, even though he didn’t that particular vote, it was possible that he could and turn our numbers backwards for us. I knew the girls were trying to do that because Jon and I were such physical threats during the challenges that they wouldn’t want to compete with us after the merger. I knew from the Intel and talking to everyone that the girls were trying to swing something and that’s clearly what happened.

Suck It Up and Survive

John Powell: What surprised many people is you were talking strategy right in the open, in front of your targets? What made you do that?

Drew Christy: Overconfidence. I felt everything was solidified. I had a team behind my back. I really didn’t care at that moment if she was behind me or not. I thought we had everything going on the right way to get her out. If I had to do it again, I would have done things differently.

John Powell: Are there any comments or things that you said that you now regret?

Drew Christy: Oh, of course. There are a lot of things that I said or did that I deeply regret. It makes me look like a fool. I mean, they can edit me to make me look like I said some things about one person or another but you have to know it is all TV. They can take the footage home and cut it up to however they want it to be.

Drew Christy: I made a power play early in the game and my biggest mistake is I didn’t feel out the tribe before Tribal. Exile Island was a killer because that separated me from my tribe for 24 hours. The strategy we had locked in place obviously went all over the place. It hit the fan. Those things were detrimental to me. I made big move early in the game. I was trying to get out one of the power players who I thought was going to overthrow our long-term plans. It was too early. I should have just gone with Jon and voted out Julie. I had to go one step further. I just didn’t want to waste my vote on Julie because I didn’t think she was a good competitor. I didn’t think she had a chance to win.

“I saw Julie handing me the million dollars before I saw her actually winning the game.”

John Powell: A fan named Wendy Markowicz wants to know why did you bully the decision-making when you could have just did what someone else wanted for now?

Drew Christy: I was just too head-strong about Kelley but I thought she was going to get me out that night, I knew she was. I felt if I didn’t get her, she was going to get me. There was a lot of stuff they edited out. I thought she was going to get me and I didn’t think Julie was a real competitor. I thought Reed was on my side and I didn’t want to vote for Julie. I saw Julie handing me the million dollars before I saw her actually winning the game. I didn’t think voting for her was worth it. I wanted to get one of the other girls out.

John Powell: A fan named Jessica Maillet wants to know what is the one thing you would change about your game?

Drew Christy: Throwing the challenge. I should have waited. Throwing a challenge wouldn’t have been too big of a deal if I would have waited until I felt out the tribe. People’s voting decisions changed that night at Tribal. Before we went, there was locked in decisions then after all the dialogue with Jeff (Probst) and people turning on each other, saying things they shouldn’t have, that changed how people voted. I was the only one who stuck to my guns and voted for Kelley. Beforehand, Reed, Jon and Jeremy told me they were going to vote Kelley so obviously a lot of things changed at Tribal.

“I was fun to watch than I was as a good player of the game.”

John Powell: Being honest, how would you rate your game?

Drew Christy: I would definitely say I was rated more of a character who caused drama and was fun to watch than I was as a good player of the game. It was how I was edited. I feel like my game was pretty strong. If I would have stuck around at the merge, I think I would have really done well. I was definitely one of the strongest physical competitors out there as far as athletic ability. I knew how to strategize. I just made a power play too early in the game. I was too head-strong to back out. I was too proud to go a different direction so I made a lot of mistakes. I was a little bit delusional. I think I played a much stronger game than fans say I did but I was entertaining to watch.


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