Alec Christy: Maybe I could have flirted a bit more?

Alec Christy: Maybe I could have flirted a bit more?

The Survivor party might be over for Alec Christy but he’s not suffering from a hangover. His bro-mance alliance with Josh, Wes, Reed and Keith crumbled and even though he didn’t get any phone numbers from the ladies on the island, he remained positive about his journey, “I may not be the best player out here but I’m still playing. I’ve been playing Survivor for a month!” Admittedly he wasn’t the biggest Survivor watcher, but would it have helped his game to study a bit more? Alec declares, “Absolutely. It definitely would have helped me for sure if I had seen the show and known everything about it but also, there were a lot of people on our season that were exactly that and I played the game longer than they did. It’s kind of a double edge sword. If you know too much, you’re a threat. It hurt me and helped me.”

There was definitely some brotherly rivalry going on with Drew, so were family and friends taking bets as to who would last long? Alec says, “Of course…everyone wanted to talk about who would make it longer – Drew or I. And that’s a pride thing between me and Drew. I told him, I’m going to beat you and I’ll give you a front row seat to watch me win.”

Alec did outlast his brother but that meant going into the merge without his loved one. “The couples are talking about how great this experience is and I’m there by myself twiddling my thumbs by myself. I wanted to establish a connection with a couple of people. I felt good about Wes, Reed and Josh. Jeremy wanted me to play with him but I could see right through him. I knew Jeremy was lying. He was the best player on this season. He was a really good manipulator and schemer. He knewSurvivor really well and I could tell that and it didn’t seem like a good idea for me to play with him so I opted out of that one.”

Last week’s episode showed a more Casanova side to Alec as we saw him flirting with Jaclyn and Baylor. Could he have used his ways with the ladies more to his advantage? Alec ponders, “Maybe…that’s kinda hard to tell. Maybe if I didn’t think that they did nothing all day and maybe if I didn’t tell them that. It’s kinda hard to control your emotions and feelings out there when you’re stuck on an island with people for a long time. You’re bound to say something that people might not like. I definitely did that. Maybe I could have flirted a little bit more. I was just being nice and everyone put a spin on it like I’m trying to steal their girlfriend.”

Alec came pretty close to the end. Was he already rehearsing his plea to the jury? “I would have had to make a pretty big move in that next couple of Tribals, like getting a player like Jon or Natalie out would have been a huge plea. If I didn’t do something like that, my plea next to Natalie would have been nothing. I wouldn’t want to sit next to her. As far as with Missy, Baylor or Jaclyn, it would have been not as tough as a plea for me. I would have said getting out a big threat like Jon, or sending home Jon with an idol, which almost happened would have been a huge move. Making it to the end of Survivor any time, you would have to tip your hat to that person. If I could have made it to the end, my plea would have been alright.”

It was Natalie who switched her vote from Keith to Alec at the last minute, which caused Alec’s torch to be snuffed. What was his reaction? “I was surprised but I knew that there were some players watching me closely, like Natalie and Missy and they saw that I was trying to make a move with Jon and so Natalie switched her vote to make sure that she got me out so that we didn’t blindside her or Missy in the next Tribal.”

And had Natalie spared him, would Alec have wanted to work with her? “Had she made the move for me, I would have tried to vote her out, definitely. I would not have tried to make it to the end with her. That’s a bad idea. She’s been playing really well and really smart and low key, and that’s the difference between her and Jeremy. Jeremy was playing great, and smart but not low key. He was playing really loud.”

What was Alec’s highpoint of being on Survivor? He admits, “It was making it to Day 30 and I’m just like “Wow! I’ve been sleeping outside for a month! I haven’t brushed my teeth in a month!” There were people who showed up for this experience and they were voted out on Day 3 and here’s Day 30 and I’m still here so there must be a reason for that.”

And on the flipside, did Alec have a low point? “I’m mentally tough. I’m ready for this. This game is going to throw everything at me and I’m going to stand there and be ready for it. Low point was at Exile. It’s Day 32 and I’m starving. I’m weaker than I’ve ever been in my entire life so that’s tough. There’s no food and it’s miserable and I knew the stars weren’t lining up the way I wanted them to.”

Next time the Global TV team is in Orlando, we’re definitely going to look up the Christy bros — we have Alec’s invitation, “Call me up…we’ll party downtown!”


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