Survivor Fantasy Tribe Points Scoring System

  • Score 1 point per castaway in your 'Fantasy Tribe' for each week they survive
  • Score 15 bonus points if any of your picks make the final three
  • Score 30 bonus points if your MVP wins the game


Earn additional weekly bonus points if any of your 'Fantasy Tribe' castaways do any of the following visibly on screen:

(Limited to one line per castaway per week. For example, if your castaway cries multiple times in an episode, that’s still 5 points for that week but if two of your castaways cry, that’s 10 points! Excludes recaps of past episodes and "next time on" sneak previews.)

  • Wins an Immunity Challenge
  • Wins a Reward Challenge or is chosen to go on reward
  • Plays a hidden immunity idol on themselves
  • Torch gets snuffed as a result of a blindside
  • Cries on camera
  • Says “I miss…”
  • Kisses another player
  • Gets into a heated argument and shouts at another player
  • Finds a hidden immunity idol or gets an advantage in the game (excludes idol clues)
  • Gives their hidden immunity idol away to another player
  • Gets treated for a medical emergency
  • Is forced to leave the game by no choice of their own (asides from being voted off)
  • Has a wardrobe malfunction/shows nudity that is blurred on screen
  • Starts the first fire at their tribe
  • Creates a fake immunity idol
  • Plays a fake immunity idol at Tribal Council
  • Tampers with or steals the tribe’s food
  • Chooses to forfeit the game
  • Catches a fish or lobster

For entertainment purposes only.

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