Watch: Supergirl struggles to regain trust, while Major Lucy Lane learns the secret history of J’onn J’onzz

Watch: Supergirl struggles to regain trust, while Major Lucy Lane learns the secret history of J’onn J’onzz

Following last week’s Red Kryptonite-inspired rampage, National City’s confidence in Supergirl is severely shaken. Crime is up, Kara’s spirits are down, and the people of National City now live in fear of their sworn protector. With Kara out “sick”, and with the scheming Siobhan Smythe fired by Cat Grant, there’s nobody to man the phones at CatCo Worldwide Media but James Olsen.

Still, some people have it worse. J’onn J’onzz, having revealed his true nature to the world last week, is imprisoned at the Department Of Extranormal Operations (Alex Danvers is still able to smuggle him his favourite cookies, “Chocos”, in a fun nod to his comic book incarnation’s predilection for Oreo cookies). The U.S. government wants to learn how an organization created to monitor and contain alien activity on Earth came to be infiltrated by the last survivor of the planet Mars. Major Lucy Lane and Colonel James Harper are called in to investigate, hoping to learn the truth about what happened to the real Hank Henshaw before he was replaced by J’onn (and to find out what happened to Jeremiah Danvers, father of Alex and adoptive father of Kara–played by former Superman Dean Cain!).

Everyone’s flashing back this week–J’onn tells of his encounter with Hank and Jeremiah in a Predator-inspired flashback set in the Peruvian Andes, Alex remembers how she was recruited by Hank/J’onn out of her reckless party-girl lifestyle, and we get a glimpse of young Kara trying to fit in on Earth with the help of her new family. We also learn about the mysterious Project Cadmus facility (named for the trippy scientific think-tank featured in Jack Kirby’s Jimmy Olsen comics of the 1970s–James Harper, known as the superhero Guardian in the comics, hails from this same source material), and why Supergirl’s cousin Superman refuses to work with the government or the military. We also see a major shift in the show’s status quo by the end of the episode, as well as the birth of a new nemesis for the Maid Of Might.

Supergirl airs in Canada on Global at 8 PM ET/PT–tune in next week for a guest appearance by a certain fleet-footed DC hero from another network! Watch Supergirl season 1, episode 17 here.


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