Watch: Supergirl races against time to save her adopted world from the Phantom Zone criminals in the finale of Season One

Watch: Supergirl races against time to save her adopted world from the Phantom Zone criminals in the finale of Season One

Of all the reveals in the season finale of Supergirl, the most satisfying one comes in the form of a throwaway line near the episode’s end: in the world of this show, the President of the United States is a woman. In a show so dedicated to overturning the usual gender dynamics of superhero storytelling, it’s hard to imagine a man sitting in the Oval Office. But unfortunately, answering to a female Commander-In-Chief doesn’t mean that the conclusion of Season One is going to be any easier on Supergirl, not with her adoptive sister Alex having been mind-controlled by Non and sent on a Kryptonite-powered assassination mission…and that’s just in the finale’s opening scene. Timely intervention in the form of Eliza Danvers and J’onn J’onzz might be enough to free Alex, allowing Supergirl to broadcast a message of hope across National City (with the help of Cat Grant and Maxwell Lord) and undo Non’s brainwashing of the populace.

But Non and his computerized accomplice Indigo aren’t planning on giving up so easily. Their mind-control program, code named Myriad, has a lethal backup built in–if they can’t control the people of Earth, they’ll kill them using the same technology they used to dominate them. An amplified broadcast signal, sent out from their secret headquarters, will destroy the minds of every human on the planet. With Superman still down for the count after the initial Myriad strike, and J’onn J’onzz under arrest by General Sam Lane as a potential alien threat, Supergirl is running low on allies. Her finest hour is looking more and more like a suicide mission, but with the fate of her adopted world at stake, Kara won’t hesitate to do what needs to be done.

If this is truly the end, there are a lot of goodbyes for both Kara and Supergirl to make, and a lot of drama she may not see resolved. For instance, where do she and James Olsen stand after their ill-timed kiss? And if the man who raised Kara on Earth is truly alive and being held prisoner at Project Cadmus, will Alex and J’onn ever be able to find him and free him? Most importantly, will Cat Grant ever learn that her loyal assistant’s name isn’t “Kira”? Tune in to Global this fall to find out on the second season of Supergirl!


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