Watch: Supergirl meets a hero from another universe and together they battle with a duo of super-powered villainesses

Watch: Supergirl meets a hero from another universe and together they battle with a duo of super-powered villainesses

While cousin Clark is busy battling the Dark Knight on the big screen, Supergirl meets another DC hero this week with much less combative–and much more adorable–results. After showing off a shocking set of pipes last week, ex-CatCo employee Siobhan Smythe is being checked out at the DEO, but their scientists have no explanation for her sonic scream powers other than that she’s not an alien. At CatCo, Kara is still down in the dumps ever since Supergirl lost the public’s trust during her Red Kryptonite breakdown–not to mention the fact that James needs some space to figure things out about their relationship–so she isn’t ready when Siobhan shows up to blast her out a window with her newfound powers. Before Kara can save herself, she’s rescued by a scarlet speedster–Barry Allen, AKA The Flash! The fastest man alive is visiting from another universe, and until he can find a way to get home, he and Supergirl will have their hands full.

Visiting with an aunt who runs a bogus magic shop, Siobhan learns that her family has been living under a banshee’s curse for generations. The only way for her to break the curse is to destroy the object of her anger…even if the cost is her own soul. But since National City now has two superheroic protectors, Siobhan decides to form her own “evil Taylor Swift squad”, breaking the electrically-charged villainess Livewire out of her DEO prison so they can declaw their enemies at CatCo. One supervillain makeover later, Siobhan Smythe has become the Silver Banshee (a Superman villain who made her debut in Action Comics #595, where her magic based powers made her more than a match for the Man Of Steel). In addition to a power-packed super-showdown, this week’s episode features James Olsen being jealous at how well Kara and Flash’s alter ego Barry Allen get along, a super-speed footrace, a good-natured jab from Cat Grant about Flash’s home network, and a description of the DC multiverse repurposed as a romantic metaphor. Also, ice cream!

Supergirl airs in Canada on Global Mondays at 8 PM ET/ PT–race back next week for more adventures with the Maid Of Might! Watch Supergirl season 1, episode 18 here.


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