Watch: Supergirl is trapped in a dream of her perfect life, while a series of solar flares spells doom for humanity

Watch: Supergirl is trapped in a dream of her perfect life, while a series of solar flares spells doom for humanity

When Kara wakes up to find herself living on a planet Krypton that never exploded, surrounded by loved ones–her mother, her father, even her younger cousin Kal-El–it’s as though she’s died and gone to heaven. That scenario is painfully close to the truth, since a parasitic organism called a Black Mercy (seen briefly at the end of last week’s episode) has attached itself to her, and has trapped a comatose Supergirl inside her happiest fantasy…possibly forever. Alex, Hank, and the DEO are helpless to free Kara from the grip of the Black Mercy, even with the help of the still-imprisoned Maxwell Lord. The key to freeing Kara may lie with whoever exposed her to the organism in the first place. Could it have something to do with the Phantom Zone criminals, including Kara’s aunt Astra, who are planning to launch their final offensive against humanity under the codename “Myriad”? The mysterious solar flares that are playing havoc with global communications are most likely connected to that as well, but Supergirl is in no shape to investigate. And Kara Danvers is in no shape to show up for work at CatCo Worldwide media either, much to the chagrin of her boss, Cat Grant. It’s a good thing Team Supergirl has a shapeshifting alien among its numbers…

The plot of the latest Supergirl episode will be familiar to comic book readers, since it’s adapted from one of the most beloved Superman stories of the 1980s–“For The Man Who Has Everything”, which originally appeared in 1985’s Superman Annual #11 from the legendary Watchmen creative team of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. That story saw The Man Of Steel, not the Maid Of Might, in the grip of the Black Mercy. The original comic ends on a somewhat lighthearted note, with Superman celebrating his birthday (February 29th–you still have a few weeks to buy this leap year baby a gift!) at his Fortress Of Solitude alongside super friends Wonder Woman, Batman, and Robin. But the Supergirl iteration of this classic tale goes in a different direction in its third act, and at the risk of spoilers, not everyone survives the outcome.

Supergirl airs in Canada on Global Mondays at 8PM ET/PT–tune in next week for more action!


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