Watch: A computerized menace from Supergirl’s past threatens National City with nuclear annihilation

Watch: A computerized menace from Supergirl’s past threatens National City with nuclear annihilation

Reset your passwords and update your virus protection software–there’s a new super villain in National City, and she does not respect privacy settings. An Ashley Madisonesque infidelity website’s client list is hacked in the first salvo of an all-out attack conducted through the Internet by Indigo, AKA Brainiac-8 (Laura Vandervoort, who portrayed Kara Zor-El on the TV series Smallville!). The blue-skinned, broadband-surfing villainess, a Phantom Zone escapee who is known to both Supergirl and her Kryptonian nemesis Non, is soon jeopardizing all life in National City through computer screens. It’s a short step from playing havoc with traffic signals to launching nuclear missiles at National City, so Supergirl will need help. Unfortunately, she’s still on the outs with the DEO after her aunt Astra’s death at the hands of Hank Henshaw (or so Kara still thinks, unaware that it was her adoptive sister Alex who did the deed). Looks like a research trip to cousin Kal-El’s Fortress of Solitude is in order! Meanwhile, James Olsen is still trying to convince Kara to let Lucy Lane in on her secret identity, while Lucy is increasingly suspicious of James and Supergirl’s close relationship. And what’s going on with Winn (whose computer expertise will come in handy in dealing with Indigo) and Cat’s conniving new assistant, Siobhan?

This episode has a lot of easter eggs packed into it for comic fans of various eras. Indigo is a relatively recent addition the DC Comics roster, an occasionally heroic character who first appeared in 2003 (she makes her live action debut here). The Fortress Of Solitude sequence incorporates the crystal-based design elements of the Fortress as seen in the Richard Donner Superman film from 1978, while the robotic caretaker Kelex first appeared in the 1986 Man Of Steel miniseries. The key to the Fortress–traditionally so large and heavy that only Superman can lift it–gets an upgrade, now shown as much smaller but still heavy, since it’s composed of a million tons of condensed dwarf star matter (a nod to the outstanding All-Star Superman miniseries). There’s also a golden ring on display that should get longtime Supergirl fans excited for future team-ups (emphasis on “future”).

Supergirl airs in Canada on Global, Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT–tune in on March 14 for more Phantom Zone follies!

Watch Supergirl season 1, episode 15 here.


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