Bizarre Love Triangle: Supergirl episode 12

Bizarre Love Triangle: Supergirl episode 12

Last week’s Supergirl episode ended with a doppelganger of our heroine debuting in the skies over National City. Her latest adventure begins three months earlier, with Max Lord injecting the mysterious coma patient in Lord Technologies’ Room 52 with a chemical compound of his own design, eventually transforming the woman into an imperfect duplicate of Supergirl with a hate-on for the real deal Girl Of Steel (Cat Grant immediately dubs her Bizarro, in a shout-out to the classic, chalky-faced Superman villain–a personal favourite of mine). The new Supergirl on the scene has been brainwashed into hating the original, and she’s fixated on putting an end to the one, true Kara Danvers. She may have a limited vocabulary and a pretty dull personality, but she more than makes up for it with her own strange array of super powers designed to counter Supergirl’s own. And when the Department of Extranormal Operations tries to take out Bizarro using Kryptonite–a solid, well-intentioned theory, all things considered– they find that they might just make the problem even worse.

As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, Kara has a date with the boss’s son, Adam. Kara finds Cat being super nice to her now, since her assistant brokered the reunion with her longlost son and may now end up romantically entangled with him. If only that pesky imperfect duplicate would leave Kara alone long enough for an actual date to unfold, that is. Kara’s love life becomes a hot topic of conversation around CatCo, as she and Winn cautiously begin speaking again after their almost-kiss a few weeks back. And Winn shares a drink with James, trying to get him to open up about his own hidden affections for Kara/Supergirl–a touchy subject, since James’ current girlfriend Lucy Lane is now working in the same building with all of them. James’ feelings for Supergirl may wind up putting him in grave danger from Bizarro, while Max Lord pulls everyone’s strings from afar (remember how he figured out Alex and Supergirl were sisters a few weeks back? He certainly hasn’t forgotten). Still, you can only monkey around with alien clones and weird science for so long before the DEO decides to gets involved…

Supergirl airs Mondays on Global at 8 PM ET/PT. Accept no substitutes, clones, or otherwise imperfect duplicates!


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