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Trump News: One Year Later Stephen Colbert Reflects On Trump

Trump News: One Year Later Stephen Colbert Reflects On Trump


One year ago, Stephen Colbert spiraled into an unprepared, chilling and poignant speech on a special live 2016 election edition of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It was a haunting image, as Stephen made the unconfirmed-but-likely call that Donald Trump would be the 45th President of the United States of America.

Since that evening, the now-President has made headlines, and those Trump news headlines have made Stephen Colbert the top dog in late night talk shows. Colbert hasn’t held back since that fateful night, using his monologues to target Trump and his cohorts relentlessly and honestly.

This week hasn’t been any different.

The November 8, 2017 episode could have been a somber one. One that looked back on a yeah of unfortunate “I-told-you-sos” and “why-oh-whys”. But if you’ve been a viewer of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you don’t need a rehashing of what he’s done pretty much every night since.

Instead of a quiet vigil to the lost battle and detriment to democracy that occurred one year ago, Colbert loaded up the guns and gave praise to this week’s Democratic victory. Throughout several +elections, from municipal and up, in the United States, the democratic party had a sweeping and devastating victory against their Republican counterparts.

Yes, for left-leaning Americans, November 8 2017 isn’t a day to remember last year’s loss, but a day to celebrate this year’s victory – though, that can hardly be done without at least considering last year’s loss, as Stephen so eloquently points out in an address to the President:

So there it is: the upswing that Colbert and his viewers have been waiting one full year for.

A milestone like this wouldn’t be complete without a special guest. It’s a good thing Stephen’s best buddy Jon Stewart is always skulking about below his desk. The two are usually discussing the Trump news of the day, but they didn’t discuss the November 8 anniversary. Still it’s no coincidence that the most revered political comedian of this century made an appearance on that date. They didn’t have to say anything about the Trumpiversary – Stewart’s presence was power enough.

These two are adorable together. They ham it up like no two others can.

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