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Former The Talk Host Aisha Tyler Nerds Out Over a Whiskey with Colbert

Former The Talk Host Aisha Tyler Nerds Out Over a Whiskey with Colbert


Aisha Tyler returned to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about their two top mutual interests: cocktails and fandom!

Aisha Tyler is a renaissance woman. A very talented actor and comedian, Aisha Tyler is a personality like no other in the television landscape. A former host of The Talk, Tyler excels in talk-show style situations because of her natural charisma and wit. So when she gets together with Stephen on The Late Show, it’s magic time.

There are two things that Stephen Colbert loves to do most on The Late Show: nerd out with a willing guest, and drink. And by drink… you know. Drink.

So when Aisha Tyler showed up, plugging her new premixed Old Fashioned cocktail and talking about her recent experience at Comicon, well Stephen may have just fallen in love right there.

Aisha Tyler is known for a lot of things, but in some circles her biggest role  has been the voice of Lana Kane on the animated series Archer. That’s what got her invited to this year’s Comicon, anyway, and if there’s even a whiff of nerd culture in the air, Colbert will pounce right on that.

It’s always so warming to see Colbert dive right into his interests with a guest who actually shares them… without naming names, Colbert has interviewed many Game of Thrones actors who could not care less about the books as Stephen nerded out about them. But Aisha was all-in with him when it came to fantasy and sci-fi, to the end of actual space travel. She may not be on The Talk anymore (for which she is sorely missed), but she can come on The Late Show any day of the week!

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