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Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, Stephen Colbert returns with The Late Show

Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, Stephen Colbert returns with The Late Show


This week, after a short quarantine hiatus, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert returned to the air, with special, appropriately distanced guest Ryan Reynolds.

It was a long March for everyone, with the quick escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly everything non-essentially shut down – and that included all of our favourite shows, when we needed them most.

But nothing keeps Stephen Colbert down. Not a global pandemic. Not eight years of a likable, moderate president that he can hardly make fun of. Nothing. So Stephen set up his rig at home, and is now broadcasting, live (on tape) from his living room, or den, or wherever, direct into your living room, or den, or wherever!

So, since we’re all social distancing, like we should be (writer’s note: please take social distancing seriously), the CDC wants to make sure that they have all their bases covered when it comes to slowing down COVID-19 as best possible. And that means reviewing their own decisions – like whether or not people should be wearing face masks.

As you can see, this version of The Late Show is missing a certain something – that live audience energy. But for what it’s missing there, it’s got a lot of other nuggets. Stephen’s got more of an edge. His humour seems to come from a more real place. Look at him – he’s spending a lot of time mocking his own show right now. Wait until you hear what he has to say about things he doesn’t like.

Joining Stephen on last night’s show was Ryan Reynolds, who is isolated in Canada with his daughters, his wife and his mother in law. And he’s down with that – being the lone man in the house. I mean, he actually goes on to say that “Men just end up being the architects of someone’s demise,” so he’s certainly not resentful of the situation.

So how is Ryan Reynolds passing the time? Well, he’s doing what any well-adjusted adult is doing right now: escaping into a drunken haze. With his own gin, no less! No, he’s not cooking gin in his bathtub (hopefully?), he’s had his own gin label for ages now.

Oh, and here’s a weird fact – Stephen Colbert revealed to Reynolds that he auditioned for Screech. Apparently it was his first-ever audition, and… he wasn’t great.

Considering the post-Saved By The Bell journey that Dustin Diamond went on, it’s probably for the best that Stephen didn’t get the role.

Catch more of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airing weeknights at 11.35 et/pt on Global, and watch the latest episodes online here on!

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